30 January, 2008

It wasn't me, I dunno, not so sure lah.

This Royal Commission thing is seriously getting to be a long ass winding comedy. Not that it is least expected of. However, after reading the news for the past 3 days in bed (I am having the flu) I can't help but realizing how "Putar Belit" everyone's tongue is. So much so that I had to read the report more than once to understand it (it might be the flu).

The statement that keeps being given are non conclusive and I could understand the members of the commission feeling of frustration. Whichever way will it lead to? It is as good as throwing a coin into the ocean and finding it. Wait....I think that would be easier.

Should Lingam find the end of his noose? I hope so... should another investigation be done in the light of case fixing? I sincerely suggest it should. But lets just see what happens....as the way I see it it is played to good effect. That is to delay everything till the elections. How convenient kan?

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