24 January, 2008

Lingam Limbo Mumbo Jumbo

V.K Lingam has finally spoken. For what he has to say I think it is bollocks. For how the video was shot is also bollocks. To accidentally leave the camera on for 14 whole minutes and a good part of it pointed at Lingam should be easy for an idiot to figure out.

Is the Royal Commission being taken for a ride? So far everyone is denying what is in the video. Lingam had too much too drink~? 2 and a half glasses of wine and he starts talking funny? You have got to be kidding me, or perhaps he only drinks really bloody good wine that should be expensive and limited which gives even more suspicion on how it got there (if there was that is).

Don't mind me peppering this with a bit of non-alcoholic fairytale. Because fairy tales are more realistic than what I have been reading so far.

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