28 January, 2008

Malays must vote for BN. Now is that so?

Sometimes idiots in power seem to forget. Whoever that voted them into power are not entirely from one race alone. It is not enough they win in the elections but they want the two thirds majority to ensure moving smoothly in whatever shit they do.

I am not sorry, and Tajol Rosli should think that his statement is laced with greed. At least that is the way I see it. So yes....Melayu~! Undilah Barisan Nasional~ so they can sweep stuff under a rug and make the rakyat believe that it is 7th heaven.

Perhaps that should be rephrased.... Oi Melayu yang mudah lupa~! Undi lah mereka yang mengambil wang cukai anda dan gunakannya untuk sebahagian besar manfaat satu kaum sahaja. Ya~! Ia adalah kaum Melayu.... tiada subsidi tiadalah Melayu. Pangkah lah BN setebal-tebal yang mungkin.

But what happens if we vote the opposition? It is pretty much the same isn't it? Inexperienced, weak fundamentals and even have jelly for spines. So I vote BN.....and shit happens....so I vote for the opposition instead....still shit happens for sure. Why? Simple.... it is us. We have been wrong for the last 50 friggin years. Blame our parents....but more importantly blame ourselves for allowing all the shit to go on and on and on.


Purple Haze said...

Haha. Shit happens.

You are right. Vote BN and you can expect more shit.

Vote Opposition - don't know what shit will happen.

I feel that it is time to try new shit with the Opposition. After all, if I don't like taking thier shit, I can vote again in 5 years time.

But realistically, all I want is for the Opposition to win at least 40% of the seats in Parliament and a few state assemblies under their control.

That will already be a new beginning in Malaysian history.

As for that comment - vote Malaysian.

Anonymous said...