24 January, 2008

Pak Lah makes a lot of cameos.

Could we have a yardstick on Malaysian politics? I figure we can. For a good few reasons. Politicians here are like fruit season. You know when it's in season when you see them lining up the roadside (the fruit stalls and the occasional politician squatting by his German car enjoying the fruits). So is it politician season again? I suppose so. What is better than seeing the PM making a lot of cameos, popping his head here and there.

All of the sudden we get him making announcements of holidays. Which is good but if he thinks that the people will be fooled into thinking that "since he gave a public holiday means we should vote for his party" I seriously don't think so. Fact, BN is trying very hard to ensure that they get the votes....again.

Looks like the politicians from the ruling camp is following their leader. Suddenly all are super nice. Schools getting fat allocations from the state government, minor traffic offences are given a one eye closed treatment and the public service is suddenly just super nice to you. Perhaps I maybe exaggerating here.... but if many of my friends keep saying that the old "Dacing" needs the votes every 3 sentences when politics is the topic of conversation what else could it possibly be?

Good for Pak Lah making the cameos here and there. Good for the rest of his cohorts doing the same. But do remember, we are not fools and just cameos will not warrant them an Oscar or Golden Globe nomination. I think we Malaysians are far more smarter than that. We watch American Idol. Hahahah~!

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