02 January, 2008

Some people may be able to erase your PTPTN debts.

A brand new year and some ass holes are making a head start. Why do I say this? Well, checking my company e-mail I received an e-mail titled "Lupuskan Pinjaman PTPTN anda" or Make your PTPTN debts disappear. I thought hmmm....is this an MLM pitch? After reading the content and went to the website I realised this might be a scam or an illegal ring of idiots bent on cashing in regardless what are the means.

Here is the content of the e-mail that I recieved;

Lupuskan PTPTN Anda

Sekitar lewat tahun 2006, kita digemparkan dengan "untraceable" akaun para peminjam PTPTN. Seseorang yang harus bayar RM18,000.00-RM30,000.00 dalam masa 6 bulan selepas tamat pengajian, tidak perlu membayar satu sen pun kerana rekod pinjamannya hilang tanpa dapat dikesan kerana PTPTN menggunakan sistem manual. Anda fikir ia satu kebetulan? Fikirkan lagi..

Pada pertengahan tahun 2007, kerajaan mula memberi perhatian kepada isu peminjam PTPTN, dimana sekarang mereka menggunakan teknologi canggih untuk menyimpan, update dan lupuskan sesuatu pinjaman secara online. Satu lagi kesilapan terbesar kerana menaruh kepercayaan sepenuhnya kepada teknologi canggih.


Kami menawarkan perkhidmatan melupuskan pinjaman PTPTN anda kurang dari masa 15minit. Anda tidak perlu lagi risaukan bayaran pinjaman yang membebankan. Perkhidmatan kami adalah cepat dan selamat. Sediakan bayaran sebanyak Rm2000.00 atau USD600 (E-gold only). Proses bayaran hanya menggunakan E-gold. Tetapi jika anda tidak mempunyai egold jangan risau kerana anda boleh tukarkan duit RM ke E-gold melalui "Exchanger".

Untuk maklumat lanjut, lawat laman web kami di http://www.ptptn.biz

Rahsia pelanggan adalah keutamaan kami. Data peribadi anda tidak akan dapat dikesan setelah rekod dimansuhkan oleh kami


Kami juga menyediakan perkhidmatan tambahan:

**Menaikkan markah ( Hanya USM, UUM, UTM, UPM dan UKM sahaja)

Hmmm....they also offer services to change your marks for certain public varsities. I went to their website at www.ptptn.biz and found there are screen shots of the PTPTN Web Admin system. I bet this is a bunch of people who are working in PTPTN or has some kind of Information Systems knowledge to hack through and change the details.

To abolish one's PTPTN debt is to pay these buggers a minimal fee. RM 2000 or USD$ 600 through E-Gold. Looks like PTPTN has just got screwed in their asses for being too relaxed in the network policies and system security.


Ndmervin said...

How true can this be? Those who pays them to delete their records in PTPTN will also have to supply their photostated IC and other personal details...

Its VERY VERY risky because we not only need to spend RM2k but also reveal our IC to the hackers..

Malaysia is full of scammers and conmen, so, how true are their service to the loan defaulters?

Its scary..

Sharon said...

hahah has anyone tried this? looks like a scam to me

Rauff said...

whatever it is it is still bad.... let say it is a scam and has nothing to do with PTPTN at all desperate people will get cheated off their money. If it is not a scam but a group of corrupted employee of PTPTN than it should be a national issue. Either way I am not speculating what exactly is going on but I do know that whichever way it swings it is still not good. I hope the authorities and PTPTN themselves investigate this matter before it is too late.

Kraken said...

are u sure the web admin GUI looks like that? it maybe a mock GUI to blind some dumb ass eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I got here through today's KOSMO (18th February). In case you haven't read it, this particular post from this blog was published on the second page in the newspaper. The address bar was blurred, but they forgot to blur out your blog's name. =)

Rauff said...

Thank you for the heads up. :D I checked through their online portal...the article is in there too~

But the site has long since been down. Not 3 days ago but about a week after I posted it up.

Thanks again. :D