27 January, 2008

Suharto: The Indonesian Lion passes.

In my most sincere heart I would like to bid this great ex-Indonesian leader goodbye. With all the accusations and charges of embezzling state funds and corruption is still very much debatable but as an observer and an admirer I have to say that South East Asia has lost a great man.

Once to be thought one of the most powerful man in Asia what is worth noting is the fact that the late Suharto has the the brains and influential power in all his years in Indonesian politics. He was a great speaker so much so that his influence in modern Independent Indonesia may have it's faults but the progress he brought is somewhat a mighty achievement.

I am not debating that he is ultimately a very righteous man or leader for that matter but it is as a form of respect that many may find that the man was iconic in shaping the way Indonesia is today. No doubt bar none he is the longest leader to be in power for a total of 32 years a good sum more than our own Tun Mahathir.

To his family, friends and supporters I send my condolences and I believe there is no one else as capable and as intelligent as him to come into power in many many years to come.

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Jeffrey Hardy Quah said...

Tell that to the 300,000 Indonesians who were killed while he was in power.