29 February, 2008

Mat rempits turn street teams for elections.

I am pretty proud for Mat Rempits all the sudden. At least until I found out the sickening truth. Seeing hoards of youths on their cub class bikes pottering along with flags of political parties in the coming elections got me to think that these bunch are not that useless after all. So here I was at a local mamak joint and this whole bunch of them got down from their bikes and rolled up the flags. It was BN flags mind you.

So out of pure curiosity I just asked the nearest chap to me. I'll call him Bidin just for the sake of this article....

Me: Seronok nampak berkempen.

Bidin: Boleh tahan ler bang....tiap2 malam meronda kesana-kemari.

Me: Nie yang lain nih sumer satu geng ka?

Bidin: Tak jugak bang....campur-campur. Semua jenis kaki ader.

Me:Oooohhh.....jadi semua nih kena bayar ka? Banyak tak?

Bidin: Mestiler ader fulusnya bang. Kalau tak buat perabih kerak nasi je.

Me: Banyak tak depa bayar hang?

Bidin: Berbaloi gak le. Makan, minum, rokok confirm ditanggung. Minyak pun disponsor~ Depa bagi bendera sumer ngan baju pastuh suruh kita ronda satu kawasan depa ler.

Me: Aiks...tue jer hang dapat?

Bidin: Mesti ler ader elaun bang. Setakat makan, rokok dan minyak mana cukup bang.

Me: Satu malam hang ronda depa bagi brape cash?

Bidin: Kepala dapat ler RM50, konco2 dapat 30 je.

Me: Tiap2 malam?

Bidin: Ha'ah...

Me: Waaa....agak lumayan tuh. Nie hang kerja sumer nih umur hang braper?

Bidin: 24 bang.

Me: Dah dafter sebagai pemilih tak?


We talked a bit more~ He said he didn't really care much who he works for. In fact he alternates both sides as he likes. The rates are roughly the same anyways. In the end I told him that he should get registered as a voter. He said he does not see the point~ "Depa jer asyik menang~"

28 February, 2008

Move over idiots~ Maimun Yusuf has got something that half of all of you don't.

I was reading the NST on the ever heated topic of the General Elections when out of all the bullshit stories this one somehow struck a different chord in me. I admire those who take no bullshit, regardless of who might the opposition be but all the more inspiring is that age does not matter and only pure of heart counts.

Don't laugh~ Half of the candidates for the GE do not have half the balls as this woman has. Yeap....woman. You got that right.

Grandma: I, too, have my supporters

KUALA TERENGGANU: Grandmother Maimun Yusuf, who is vying to be the Kuala Terengganu member of parliament, is worried she’s being stalked.

The 89-year-old kain songket trader said she was campaigning in Chabang Tiga yesterday when she noticed a car with a man and a woman following her.

“I had just received 1,000 copies of my poster from the printing company in the morning and was distributing them when I noticed a car following me around.

Independent woman: Maimun busy sticking her election posters outside her home in Gong Gemia, Terengganu.
“There was a man and a woman inside. I did not recognise them,” said the grandmother of seven who is the oldest candidate in this general election.

“I do not know them but they left after I finished talking to the people.

“Luckily they meant no harm,” said Maimun when met at her dilapidated rented kampung house in Gong Gemia where she was busy pasting posters on the walls.

Although late in kicking off her campaign as she only received her posters yesterday, Maimun found she had to re-order another 4,000 copies.

Using her trusty red bicycle, her first stop was Chabang Tiga where she greeted the people and told them to vote for her symbol – the keys.

Pressmen were amused to see that Maimun, who is fondly known as Tok Mun, had rebuilt the steps leading up to her house.

“I know you were all scared to climb up the other day. That’s why I paid RM300 to build a new one,” she said, causing one reporter’s face to redden.

Maimun quashed the notion that she was able to pay for her campaign expenditure because of her links to royalty.

She has so far spent RM10,000 to register as a candidate, in addition to another RM3,000 on election and campaign preparations.

“I’ve also just enlisted some help to build a pondok (to be her election operations room) in Chabang Tiga. It only cost me RM200,” she added.

Asked how she expects to fare against PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu and Barisan Nasional incumbent Datuk Razali Ismail, she said: “I have my supporters too”.

Article taken from The Star Online.

27 February, 2008

PKR pledges to....

  1. Make Malaysia a truly constitutional state, guaranteeing basic human rights, rule of law and an independent judiciary;
  2. Create a vibrant economy, eliminating discriminative policies, corruption and wastage;
  3. Make streets and neighbourhoods safer through creating a professional and neutral police force;
  4. Make Malaysia more affordable by lowering petrol prices, ensuring tolls and tariffs will never be raised unreasonably; and,
  5. Increase the standard of Malaysian education, including higher salaries for educators.

Very noble. Very noble indeed....but my question is not more to what but exactly how?
I sniff loads of crap in the manifesto~ for instance, lower petrol prices? Is that really possible? At what expense? Minimum wage of RM1,500.... that would be cool. But again how?

I love to corruption bits and attention to safety though. Now I think that one is pretty much a no brainer.

25 February, 2008

Yeah, so what your report card is clean? Pak Lah is still sleeping

Nomination of candidates are finalized so to speak. Some are very happy to get a chance to contest while some took the effort and thick skin to travel all the way to the PM's office and his residence to ask why their favourite candidate has been dropped.

The matter of fact is having a clean report card does not mean for sure you get nominated again chump. Perhaps you might have spoken too loud at some meeting. Maybe someone else paid some one something to put their man in to contest. Or even perhaps you even had bad BO and someone reported you as unhygienic.

Regardless what the reason maybe, you and your dear supporters can march all the wall from the North Pole and still not get to meet the PM. Too busy sleeping perhaps or simply prefer to entertain the missus till wee hours in the morning.

Why waste the money to see the PM? Thousands of lawyers and concerned Malaysians marched to hand in some memorandum on who hoodwinked the judiciary system and still I the PM didn't even peeked through his window. So why bother? As if another group come marching to his front door would even mildly tickle him.

I suggest to go back and think. Was it worth it to fight for your people in your area when you bring their plight to your mighty boss but instead he is simply mighty snoring after good sex? It shows you are no longer important. You are expansible and definitely easily replaced.

So what should you do? Go back....gather a few people and start bringing down the poster and other paraphernalia that you have littered the streets with. Sell it off to be recycled. Hopefully you get some consolation from the income.

22 February, 2008

New business idea to clean up General Elections.

For the next couple of weeks Malaysia will be a sight for sore eyes. Why? The pretty landscaping paid with the tax payers money will all be spoiled with campaign posters and other junk. Why can't it be tastefully done?

Our campaign materials lack imagination. It serves no commercial purpose and does not attract attention accept criticism for it's lack of creativity. Honestly....why can't the bloody designs be updated like say the American presidential campaign posters?

To me it is a tell tale sign why our mentality has not changed that much. Same old posters, banners buntings flags and what not. T-shirts wont even win a college held fashion competition.

This goes to all parties. All you idiots have morons for designers I bet. But yes to those that have good taste, take note....I have an idea that will be somewhat good money and doing public service at the same time.

I say why not collect all these material of sore eyes that is littering your streets and neighbourhood. Sort them out between paper and plastic then sell it off to be recycled. I think it is a bloody good idea. Even kids can do this....don't be politically specific. Whack all material from all parties and sell it off.

First, you'll clean up and make your area pretty again. Second you are actually helping mother nature and third you'll earn some money for you efforts. Actually don't wait for for the elections to be over. Why not start right away. It would be a good community project for the kids. At least they wont go and waste money in cybercafes and shoot each other's pixelated ass out.

20 February, 2008

Go go Samy go.

What is there to contemplate? Need there be anything to say? Uncle Sam, like I have always said. You have been too long at where you are. Tun M stepped down and why shouldn't you do the same? Are you any greater than him? Yeah, I hear the shouts of your loyal supporters against me. But what makes a man a real man?

In fact why not just decline the nomination this elections? You said you can do that. So, just do it. It would be nice to see if you use your brains for once. Plus your community partly says there is nothing more you can offer. So give someone far younger a chance.... he might just elevate your people to a a higher playing field and still you will look like a hero because you step down gracefully.

18 February, 2008

Old face, new face, no face, ugly face.

Nominations for the elections is heating up. Everything in the news is about the elections. I think I have read so many reports in the news on elections that I might get cock-eyed. So for the next few weeks there is nothing else in the news but elections. As always our media is like people selling fruits during a particular fruit season.

It's all about faces apparently. Got some refuse to be nominated while others will go as far fetched as to commanding a bomoh for some hocus pocus mumbo jumbo to bring that extra inch of luck. In the process the bomoh gets rich and politicians will be the ones that look idiotic.

Half of Pas nominees are new faces. So would a big large bit of BN have their peoples pushing new faces. Honestly I could not give a damn if the old farts want to stay supple in their places but fielding new people to contest does not mean it would be better services to the people. So what if it's new or old or pretty or even ugly faces? It has to be competent, honest and hardworking representatives. Owh heck, who am I kidding? They are all politicians anyways.

15 February, 2008

Heal Kelantan Year and a lot of hope.

Whack~! Thats what Najib's line is when he gave his speech in Kelantan on a one day work trip. Not to offend him in anyway but how did Kelantan got to PAS in the previous elections if not for the lack of trust they had in the state.

So, Najib is leading the BN's campaign this elections. What is Pak Lah's role then? But Najib is no newbie isn't he? Plus I bet he has hoards behind him for one reason or the other. The top positions will be to same old farts but many are making way for new faces. It would be interesting who gets to contest where. I hope there credentials are published too.

In a way the best thing to happen for this coming elections is that fresh faces and supposedly younger candidates will be fielded. However there is always skeptics and like me the question is how much of these "new" cats have their minds all screwed up by the seniors. If the majority is all cooked up then oh dear we are screwed for another generation. We sill be stuck as we are now and that is a good thing as compared to the possibility of things going as far back as the stone age.

14 February, 2008

Polls on during school holidays.

How could I have not seen this coming? I makes so much sense. Anyhow, polls are to be on the 8th of March. I am not going to write about what and such on the many politicians that will be paraded like deities on that day. Too many of them and all looks the same to me. I say we have a boring but safe system. Not that exciting for observers.

Be warned that the streets will be lined with posters of the people's people. Most would not look that good....prints are mostly in mono party colours. Which is not very creative nor it is artistic. But what happens to the economy during these kinds of times? I can tell you that a few types of business will be doing brisk business.

Mamaks, stationary shops, 7Eleven are the ones that are going to be raking it a bit more revenue than normal. There will be late nights....a lot of debates, a lot of smoking cigarettes and lots of condense milk. So more will be sick with cancer and become diabetic. Funny....these are the sacrifices for a better future?

13 February, 2008

Parliament dissolved.

The moment has finally come. The executives are put of their bench and for a brief amount of time our country is not run by whatever you wanna call them. So, when is elections exactly? I heard somewhere it's on the 2nd of March. Can it be? Could it be? It's like the Spanish Football League....exciting.

12 February, 2008

Blogger gets action in GE.

DAP has ultra steel nerves of Jeff Ooi to help in the coming GE. Which is hardly surprising as this controversial blogger joined DAP ranks last year. But what or how much can his contributions be to serve is a different matter. Yes all fellow socio political blogger has some form of passion and I do agree that each of us have an important role to play. Honestly I don't really favour DAP that much but they do bring balance in a very unbalanced system.

But what about other members who has long served DAP? Suddenly a new member gets to be in the race with less than a year membership. I guess it pays to be IT savvy to a certain extent. So now how? Would I be interested to run for elections someday? Hmmmm... I don't know. But first to pick sides is really tough. However I believe the majority of bloggers like us really wants the best for our country and the people. So picking sides really does matter a lot. Whats the point if our services is not understood and respected?

All the best to Jeff Ooi. His political career should be an interest to many.

09 February, 2008

Contracts to cronies, friends and fellow countrymen.

Cronies is a word that is closely associated to government contracts in this beloved country of ours. However fair the award of contracts goes there is always cause to draw flak by certain quarters. Some say unfairness and cry foul. Some report that bribery occurred and the system was not followed. However what is the real sacrifice and things to consider when awarding this contracts.

Honestly, it is easier to trust a friend than an absolute stranger. Now, don't kid our selves. That fact is very true. But as for the various contracts and tenders given for government projects there is what I can assume a lot at stake.

Development projects have their tentative datelines. A specific budget is already allocated. Hundreds of bids are submitted and none meets critical requirements. Well, it's just a scenario that I am sketching here but just bare with me and think for a bit. So come the eleventh hour all the bids seems dodgy. One quotes extreme prices while another quotes insanely low prices and a good portion does not have the pristine track record.

So what now? f I were in the board that awards these contracts and the project is critical for the people I would highly suggest someone that I dare to put my name on and deliver the project while meeting almost all the requirements. Lets just have good faith and accept that fact that there are many factors to consider.

However, there are somehow certain parties that take good opportunity like this to place their evil bid for quick cash. So humans do have to come to a decision but still certain things are out of the line of their sight. So what happens? Friends gets the contract.....but the friend is a maggot when it comes to business and runs a bullshit of a company.

So the question is....is it good to give the contracts to cronies, friends and unproven countrymen? Hmmmm....I find that a bit hard to answer.

08 February, 2008

BN youth sent on covert missions.

Ala spy movie~! BN youth to be infiltrating opposition's gathering and talks to gain what other talk cock points there is. Sometimes political tactics such as these makes us believe that eavesdropping is part of our culture. Like the "kepoh" ang moh kinda shit. Don't get me wrong when I say ang moh. It applies to all races.

So why the so called spies? What is there to know apart from the opposition is to beat you in the elections? 50 years of elections and still that stupid huh? Obviously opposition parties will talk bad on the ruling party but thats as if the mighty Barisan does not do the same.

Campaign all you want and have all the dumb covert operations. But whatever it is BN will not have that typical majority this time around. Face it... too many fuck-ups. And all they can do now is suck up. It's like a porn movie....suck and fuck...suck and fuck. Lucky Soi Lek is no longer in the game. He should have gotten bored with the tactics by now.

When nearing elections suddenly got a lot of money to spend. Well, to me the elections is all the more reason for everyone who is anyone who wants to become rich in the next 5 years wanting to invest in some dungu politician or the other. Sponsor the campaign~ feed their supporters with the ill gained money and still shit bricks come counting the votes.

Weh, enough lah....rather than spending all the effort on spying why not these so called youths of Barisan be on standby with umbrellas beside their senior candidates. At least that prevents the old farts from getting heat strokes.

06 February, 2008

Uncle Sam: Should he stay or should he go?

Uncle Sam is in a tight predicament. Drawing from a lot of flak especially from last year's temple issue in Shah Alam and Hindraf, it is seen to many Malaysian Indians that something is dead wrong. The turf is divided square in half. One side say Mr. Samy should stay (whether or not it is because of sentimental value God knows) and the other side chants that he should go (far far away apparently).

I bet both sides have equally valid reasons. However I would like to ask out. Is there anyone else in the Malaysian Indian community that is able to do better than Uncle Sam? Personally I think he is getting a tad too old for the scene. Politicians have a shelf life too and so does this Sungai Siput rep has a time stamp on his seat. I say let it go Uncle Sam. There is only so much you can do at your age and so far I think you have done a mighty job. But let the young bloods fight it out just as how you did when you were young a very long time ago. If I was a registered voter of Sungai Siput....I will vote the other way instead of you. Trust me you don't look cute on posters anymore.

05 February, 2008

Owh, Pak Lah is inspired? Is that so?

For heaven's sake. Why does it take some inspiration on when to call for elections? Does it need some shaman or hocus pocus mumbo jumbo to decide? Election fever is very much like Akademi Fantasia. It drives everyone just nuts. But all for different reasons. There are fans that go nuts and we understand about that one pretty well. Then there are the ones who go bonkers because of the effect of seeing the others going looney and emotional over the matter in the first place. It's a very muhibbah feeling right?

So what if BN Kelantan has been working extra hard? So what if everyone is working hard now? Why when it is nearing the elections that they have to work hard to please? Why not when they receive the mandate 5 years ago? If ever a ruling party need not to campaign at all it would be when their performance have been consistent to what they have promised in the past elections. Which I highly doubt it.

A good economy does not mean a happy country. There are many more concerns surrounding life in a democratic country. Or is it the lack of democracy? GO figure. So Pak Lah is inspired now and he will announce when are the elections and the parliament will be hung on it's shoe string for a while. The cleaners can now really buff and polish the woodwork in the house caused by the many sleeping MPs drooling their stale saliva.

So go ahead Pak Lah. Name the date so we can get on with it. So we can determine your fate as well as your cohorts. In fact do it right this instant. I shall be the first in line at my voting station to strike a deathly blow and cement my duty as a responsible citizen in choosing what I believe in and want for my future.

Muhammad Taib bumbling political comments.

I read this article from the NST "Muhammad: Impossible to get perfect candidate".

"The party election machinery must support the chosen candidate not because the candidate is important, but because we want the party to emerge victorious."

Great Statement Mr T.

So let me get his straight. Even when a party does not have a good candidate you expect the public to still vote for the bugger? Somehow it sounds all wrong to me. I can just twist his words and say that BN has hopeless candidates whereby they do not really service the rakyat but instead just sit on their fat ass all day long and rake in the moolah.

That should not be too hard. I bet a moron could do that. Another greate line from Mr. T is... He said candidates should be seen to "know what they are supposed to do and enjoy meeting people".

So these candidates that you are talking about need not have the knowledge or the know how on becoming the rakyat's representative but as long as they look and "act" the part it should go on smoothly. Talk about making the rakyat look like fools~ This is a classic.

Owh one more~! One more~! "Time will show what type of leaders they are. Otherwise, they'll not last long in politics." So let your idiots be elected and win and then let them sort of try to service the public. If he or she is no good you'll just replace them in the next elections? That would take normally 5 years right? Of course unless that idiot dies or something.

Mr. T, I think you are the biggest idiot of them all. I would not even cast my vote to you in a million lifetimes. Make that 10 million.

03 February, 2008

I disagree so I tear your picture.

I laughed when I read about it. No offense but "Bersih" didn't give a clean image by doing just that. Tearing a picture of a man will not solve anything, we perhaps to the most sends a message that they hate his face or the picture was taken badly.

Need I say that as far as elections are concerned it s the only time that adults can act worse than children. So emotional these farts are that tearing a man's photo is satisfying?

Wey, enough lah. So called calling each other stupid and incompetent or whatever it is they call each other but I think everyone is just the same. Grow up. Get it? Or do I need to spell it out for you? Oh wait....small kids can't spell that well. Hmmm....