08 February, 2008

BN youth sent on covert missions.

Ala spy movie~! BN youth to be infiltrating opposition's gathering and talks to gain what other talk cock points there is. Sometimes political tactics such as these makes us believe that eavesdropping is part of our culture. Like the "kepoh" ang moh kinda shit. Don't get me wrong when I say ang moh. It applies to all races.

So why the so called spies? What is there to know apart from the opposition is to beat you in the elections? 50 years of elections and still that stupid huh? Obviously opposition parties will talk bad on the ruling party but thats as if the mighty Barisan does not do the same.

Campaign all you want and have all the dumb covert operations. But whatever it is BN will not have that typical majority this time around. Face it... too many fuck-ups. And all they can do now is suck up. It's like a porn movie....suck and fuck...suck and fuck. Lucky Soi Lek is no longer in the game. He should have gotten bored with the tactics by now.

When nearing elections suddenly got a lot of money to spend. Well, to me the elections is all the more reason for everyone who is anyone who wants to become rich in the next 5 years wanting to invest in some dungu politician or the other. Sponsor the campaign~ feed their supporters with the ill gained money and still shit bricks come counting the votes.

Weh, enough lah....rather than spending all the effort on spying why not these so called youths of Barisan be on standby with umbrellas beside their senior candidates. At least that prevents the old farts from getting heat strokes.

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