20 February, 2008

Go go Samy go.

What is there to contemplate? Need there be anything to say? Uncle Sam, like I have always said. You have been too long at where you are. Tun M stepped down and why shouldn't you do the same? Are you any greater than him? Yeah, I hear the shouts of your loyal supporters against me. But what makes a man a real man?

In fact why not just decline the nomination this elections? You said you can do that. So, just do it. It would be nice to see if you use your brains for once. Plus your community partly says there is nothing more you can offer. So give someone far younger a chance.... he might just elevate your people to a a higher playing field and still you will look like a hero because you step down gracefully.


Chauncey Gardener said...

He obviously does not want to step down gracefully.

Would love to see him getting beaten in the GE but I guess we shall have to wait till the night of 8 March to see.

The losers, whatever the outcome, will be the Indian community. Persons who rule by the iron hand, such as SV, do not bother about succession planning. The departure of many of his "chosen" deputies is a reflection of that.

Hence, once he moves on (eventually), there may be infighting again within MIC. SV's legacy is not worth remembering.

Abhilash Chandra said...

Ffffffuuuuck Sammy vellu man
he's a sell out and he's an asshole

fucken greedy bastard...
he wants everythin for himself. he doesnt want anythin for the indians...swindles the community over and covers it up in the newspapers

Fuck uncle Sammy, fuck him and fuc his hair piece