03 February, 2008

I disagree so I tear your picture.

I laughed when I read about it. No offense but "Bersih" didn't give a clean image by doing just that. Tearing a picture of a man will not solve anything, we perhaps to the most sends a message that they hate his face or the picture was taken badly.

Need I say that as far as elections are concerned it s the only time that adults can act worse than children. So emotional these farts are that tearing a man's photo is satisfying?

Wey, enough lah. So called calling each other stupid and incompetent or whatever it is they call each other but I think everyone is just the same. Grow up. Get it? Or do I need to spell it out for you? Oh wait....small kids can't spell that well. Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

Consider him a lucky chap that we just tore his ugly poster...if we had it our way, this useless son of gun should be hang in front of the public and then his body display in dataran merdeka so that the public can spit on it...after 30 days, we then burn his body into ashes and throw it into the sea as fish food....DEATH to CORRUPTION

Freethinker said...

Certain things are not meant to cross the line. Tearing the face..is just a no no