28 February, 2008

Move over idiots~ Maimun Yusuf has got something that half of all of you don't.

I was reading the NST on the ever heated topic of the General Elections when out of all the bullshit stories this one somehow struck a different chord in me. I admire those who take no bullshit, regardless of who might the opposition be but all the more inspiring is that age does not matter and only pure of heart counts.

Don't laugh~ Half of the candidates for the GE do not have half the balls as this woman has. Yeap....woman. You got that right.

Grandma: I, too, have my supporters

KUALA TERENGGANU: Grandmother Maimun Yusuf, who is vying to be the Kuala Terengganu member of parliament, is worried she’s being stalked.

The 89-year-old kain songket trader said she was campaigning in Chabang Tiga yesterday when she noticed a car with a man and a woman following her.

“I had just received 1,000 copies of my poster from the printing company in the morning and was distributing them when I noticed a car following me around.

Independent woman: Maimun busy sticking her election posters outside her home in Gong Gemia, Terengganu.
“There was a man and a woman inside. I did not recognise them,” said the grandmother of seven who is the oldest candidate in this general election.

“I do not know them but they left after I finished talking to the people.

“Luckily they meant no harm,” said Maimun when met at her dilapidated rented kampung house in Gong Gemia where she was busy pasting posters on the walls.

Although late in kicking off her campaign as she only received her posters yesterday, Maimun found she had to re-order another 4,000 copies.

Using her trusty red bicycle, her first stop was Chabang Tiga where she greeted the people and told them to vote for her symbol – the keys.

Pressmen were amused to see that Maimun, who is fondly known as Tok Mun, had rebuilt the steps leading up to her house.

“I know you were all scared to climb up the other day. That’s why I paid RM300 to build a new one,” she said, causing one reporter’s face to redden.

Maimun quashed the notion that she was able to pay for her campaign expenditure because of her links to royalty.

She has so far spent RM10,000 to register as a candidate, in addition to another RM3,000 on election and campaign preparations.

“I’ve also just enlisted some help to build a pondok (to be her election operations room) in Chabang Tiga. It only cost me RM200,” she added.

Asked how she expects to fare against PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu and Barisan Nasional incumbent Datuk Razali Ismail, she said: “I have my supporters too”.

Article taken from The Star Online.


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I seriously think you read too much govt controlled media for your own good. It's been a while since I read any.

Only out of boredom did I flip throught almost first 40 odd pages of 26th Feb's The Star at a client's place and I dont see any fair reporting at all. Guess I will not touch any piece of barely worth wrapping nasi lemak with pieces of papers again.

You should stop too, poison has effect even if taken with a pinch of salt.

take care

ken said...

if u read her interview, she's beyond her time...example real malaysian where none political party represent their value