05 February, 2008

Muhammad Taib bumbling political comments.

I read this article from the NST "Muhammad: Impossible to get perfect candidate".

"The party election machinery must support the chosen candidate not because the candidate is important, but because we want the party to emerge victorious."

Great Statement Mr T.

So let me get his straight. Even when a party does not have a good candidate you expect the public to still vote for the bugger? Somehow it sounds all wrong to me. I can just twist his words and say that BN has hopeless candidates whereby they do not really service the rakyat but instead just sit on their fat ass all day long and rake in the moolah.

That should not be too hard. I bet a moron could do that. Another greate line from Mr. T is... He said candidates should be seen to "know what they are supposed to do and enjoy meeting people".

So these candidates that you are talking about need not have the knowledge or the know how on becoming the rakyat's representative but as long as they look and "act" the part it should go on smoothly. Talk about making the rakyat look like fools~ This is a classic.

Owh one more~! One more~! "Time will show what type of leaders they are. Otherwise, they'll not last long in politics." So let your idiots be elected and win and then let them sort of try to service the public. If he or she is no good you'll just replace them in the next elections? That would take normally 5 years right? Of course unless that idiot dies or something.

Mr. T, I think you are the biggest idiot of them all. I would not even cast my vote to you in a million lifetimes. Make that 10 million.

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