22 February, 2008

New business idea to clean up General Elections.

For the next couple of weeks Malaysia will be a sight for sore eyes. Why? The pretty landscaping paid with the tax payers money will all be spoiled with campaign posters and other junk. Why can't it be tastefully done?

Our campaign materials lack imagination. It serves no commercial purpose and does not attract attention accept criticism for it's lack of creativity. Honestly....why can't the bloody designs be updated like say the American presidential campaign posters?

To me it is a tell tale sign why our mentality has not changed that much. Same old posters, banners buntings flags and what not. T-shirts wont even win a college held fashion competition.

This goes to all parties. All you idiots have morons for designers I bet. But yes to those that have good taste, take note....I have an idea that will be somewhat good money and doing public service at the same time.

I say why not collect all these material of sore eyes that is littering your streets and neighbourhood. Sort them out between paper and plastic then sell it off to be recycled. I think it is a bloody good idea. Even kids can do this....don't be politically specific. Whack all material from all parties and sell it off.

First, you'll clean up and make your area pretty again. Second you are actually helping mother nature and third you'll earn some money for you efforts. Actually don't wait for for the elections to be over. Why not start right away. It would be a good community project for the kids. At least they wont go and waste money in cybercafes and shoot each other's pixelated ass out.

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