18 February, 2008

Old face, new face, no face, ugly face.

Nominations for the elections is heating up. Everything in the news is about the elections. I think I have read so many reports in the news on elections that I might get cock-eyed. So for the next few weeks there is nothing else in the news but elections. As always our media is like people selling fruits during a particular fruit season.

It's all about faces apparently. Got some refuse to be nominated while others will go as far fetched as to commanding a bomoh for some hocus pocus mumbo jumbo to bring that extra inch of luck. In the process the bomoh gets rich and politicians will be the ones that look idiotic.

Half of Pas nominees are new faces. So would a big large bit of BN have their peoples pushing new faces. Honestly I could not give a damn if the old farts want to stay supple in their places but fielding new people to contest does not mean it would be better services to the people. So what if it's new or old or pretty or even ugly faces? It has to be competent, honest and hardworking representatives. Owh heck, who am I kidding? They are all politicians anyways.

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