05 February, 2008

Owh, Pak Lah is inspired? Is that so?

For heaven's sake. Why does it take some inspiration on when to call for elections? Does it need some shaman or hocus pocus mumbo jumbo to decide? Election fever is very much like Akademi Fantasia. It drives everyone just nuts. But all for different reasons. There are fans that go nuts and we understand about that one pretty well. Then there are the ones who go bonkers because of the effect of seeing the others going looney and emotional over the matter in the first place. It's a very muhibbah feeling right?

So what if BN Kelantan has been working extra hard? So what if everyone is working hard now? Why when it is nearing the elections that they have to work hard to please? Why not when they receive the mandate 5 years ago? If ever a ruling party need not to campaign at all it would be when their performance have been consistent to what they have promised in the past elections. Which I highly doubt it.

A good economy does not mean a happy country. There are many more concerns surrounding life in a democratic country. Or is it the lack of democracy? GO figure. So Pak Lah is inspired now and he will announce when are the elections and the parliament will be hung on it's shoe string for a while. The cleaners can now really buff and polish the woodwork in the house caused by the many sleeping MPs drooling their stale saliva.

So go ahead Pak Lah. Name the date so we can get on with it. So we can determine your fate as well as your cohorts. In fact do it right this instant. I shall be the first in line at my voting station to strike a deathly blow and cement my duty as a responsible citizen in choosing what I believe in and want for my future.

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mob1900 said...

He felt 'inspired' too in 2004 and made a loooooong list of empty slogans and promises. Let's hope he's not 'inspired' for the wrong reasons like getting 'another one'. More cows will be slaughter at Parliament grounds by his ass-kissers. Bad news for the farm animals. heh