27 February, 2008

PKR pledges to....

  1. Make Malaysia a truly constitutional state, guaranteeing basic human rights, rule of law and an independent judiciary;
  2. Create a vibrant economy, eliminating discriminative policies, corruption and wastage;
  3. Make streets and neighbourhoods safer through creating a professional and neutral police force;
  4. Make Malaysia more affordable by lowering petrol prices, ensuring tolls and tariffs will never be raised unreasonably; and,
  5. Increase the standard of Malaysian education, including higher salaries for educators.

Very noble. Very noble indeed....but my question is not more to what but exactly how?
I sniff loads of crap in the manifesto~ for instance, lower petrol prices? Is that really possible? At what expense? Minimum wage of RM1,500.... that would be cool. But again how?

I love to corruption bits and attention to safety though. Now I think that one is pretty much a no brainer.


Freethinker said...

I agree on the oil and wages issue u raised.

Anonymous said...

malaysians are very forgetful.
Let's not forget anwar was our finance minister. Fuel prices has not being raise during his whole tenure, the sole instance being a 3 sen/litre which was soon lowered due to complains from the public.
Bear in mind malaysia is an oil producing country. what was petronas' profit in the 90's and what is their profit now?
Higher petroleum prices should infact benefit our country and not the other way round.

Wages of min rm1600 is easily achievable if there is no corruption. Singapore is the best comparison to make. we would have been better than them if not for corruption.

lastly, BN has led the country for 50 years and still they are coming out with crap manifesto like racial unity and tackling rising prices WHICH they themselves shud be responsible with.