06 February, 2008

Uncle Sam: Should he stay or should he go?

Uncle Sam is in a tight predicament. Drawing from a lot of flak especially from last year's temple issue in Shah Alam and Hindraf, it is seen to many Malaysian Indians that something is dead wrong. The turf is divided square in half. One side say Mr. Samy should stay (whether or not it is because of sentimental value God knows) and the other side chants that he should go (far far away apparently).

I bet both sides have equally valid reasons. However I would like to ask out. Is there anyone else in the Malaysian Indian community that is able to do better than Uncle Sam? Personally I think he is getting a tad too old for the scene. Politicians have a shelf life too and so does this Sungai Siput rep has a time stamp on his seat. I say let it go Uncle Sam. There is only so much you can do at your age and so far I think you have done a mighty job. But let the young bloods fight it out just as how you did when you were young a very long time ago. If I was a registered voter of Sungai Siput....I will vote the other way instead of you. Trust me you don't look cute on posters anymore.

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Trashed said...

If Samy Vellu had any smarts, he would go before being asked to go.