25 February, 2008

Yeah, so what your report card is clean? Pak Lah is still sleeping

Nomination of candidates are finalized so to speak. Some are very happy to get a chance to contest while some took the effort and thick skin to travel all the way to the PM's office and his residence to ask why their favourite candidate has been dropped.

The matter of fact is having a clean report card does not mean for sure you get nominated again chump. Perhaps you might have spoken too loud at some meeting. Maybe someone else paid some one something to put their man in to contest. Or even perhaps you even had bad BO and someone reported you as unhygienic.

Regardless what the reason maybe, you and your dear supporters can march all the wall from the North Pole and still not get to meet the PM. Too busy sleeping perhaps or simply prefer to entertain the missus till wee hours in the morning.

Why waste the money to see the PM? Thousands of lawyers and concerned Malaysians marched to hand in some memorandum on who hoodwinked the judiciary system and still I the PM didn't even peeked through his window. So why bother? As if another group come marching to his front door would even mildly tickle him.

I suggest to go back and think. Was it worth it to fight for your people in your area when you bring their plight to your mighty boss but instead he is simply mighty snoring after good sex? It shows you are no longer important. You are expansible and definitely easily replaced.

So what should you do? Go back....gather a few people and start bringing down the poster and other paraphernalia that you have littered the streets with. Sell it off to be recycled. Hopefully you get some consolation from the income.

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