31 March, 2008

Unity Concert Report.

I got involved in a community project that had a vision to make a difference. Unity Concert happened last Friday and had it's fair share of criticisms and praise. Some said that it went on for too long. Some said the line-up should have only comprised of the best. Some even said that Klang is a bad place to do a concert.

Being part of the organizing committee I do have to agree that there was a lot of flaws. Partly being that we believed that what would be a better way than having a concert at a place where we all grew up. Yes I was brought up in Klang. The fault was indeed ours for as far as that is concerned.

However, I head more praise than criticism. One was the fact that we had the balls to do it in Klang. Second, the team knew it was a big risk but for the love of local music and the youth of Klang we believed we can do it.

The turnout came up short of our expectations but the response that the crowd gave to all the acts lined up exceeds our wildest imaginations. 800 strong youths from as far as KL. Some I heard came from JB and stayed at their cousin's place in Shah Alam. It is all very heart warming. Rotary Club of Klang gave us tremendous support and Rotaract members came and showed their support as well.

The media gave good coverage. Thank you to Malay Mail and Hitz.TV especially because they came really early and stayed on till the whole thing was over. Although the turnout came short but all the artist had a good time performing to the very energetic and responsive crowd.

Certainly we have opened eyes to how much we are capable of doing to unite the youths and benefit the local music scene. We will bring this on and start planning for the next Unity Concert. I do urge those who has the same mentality as ours to hop aboard and start playing an active role to better our youths and enrich them with good homegrown music.

Release them. Malaysia has a flawed legal system.

Detention without trial is a violation of human rights. I was reading on the BAR Council statement on the rights of people having legal representative regardless if they can afford it or not. But the ISA defeats all that....no matter how rich your are or poor for that matter you have no rights under the ISA.

Mr. Samy has voiced his concern. Even if it is a political stunt by him and many remain skeptical but I do have to agree on the fact that an ISA detainee was lawfully selected to a people's representative and he should be released for the trust that the people in his constituency has given him.

If it is right that they have indeed made seditious remarks about the government and putting them behind bars was to quell the public perception then in my opinion it did not work. Results of the recent GE shows that. ISA is good in the reason of protecting the nation which is weak and uneducated to make good decisions. But are we Malaysians that stupid?

Recognize that Malaysians are infact very smart and mature. If we are not why allow us to vote in the GE? Why trust the people to choose who is good for them? I stand for the fact that ISA is an archaic practice. It is good for a nation which is immature and incompetent.

Would petitions from the public to moot the idea of abolishing ISA work? Would the government do something about such a barbaric practice? Would we as Malaysians stand up and say with one voice that reforms need to be done ASAP? Only time will tell....and I do hope we don't have to wait for another 50 years.

26 March, 2008

The plot thickens for the state of Terengganu.

It's becoming like a soap opera. Idris, Ahmad, UMNO and the Sultan of Terengganu make up this thick political plot. I am not pulling the Sultan into this political ploy but instead I do seriously think that the Sultan is doing his duty very well.

Idris who is reported to have backing of party president and 22 UMNO state devision leaders is prepared to apologize to the regent. Ahmad on the other hand was told to start work regardless of him being sworn in or not.

Now there is a secret pact (as it was reported in the NST) that the 22 that support Idris is actually supporting Ahmad. Hmmmm....is the state UMNO doing a reversal on Pak Lah? Only they know for sure. The Sultan I bet is a very cautious man and thus the decision to choose Ahmad instead of Idris should be a sound one. Still the palace have not released the reason as to why really Ahmad is chosen instead of Idris.

What will Pak Lah do now? It is not the first time that UMNO has somewhat demand that things go their way. Remember Tun M? He made changes on how the law is passed if the Agong were not to give consent. But that is a legacy left by the old party president who at that time was also the PM of this country. Could Pak Lah do such thing?

I doubt it. Right now seems to be a critical point that the people has so much power and even UMNO members doubt the abilities of Pak Lah steering the country. The proof is that UMNO party elections is to be pushed back. Knowing the people of Terangganu they would obviously back their Sultan and if the the government or even UMNO tries to do something stupid the least is that the people of the state will not allow for the power of the Sultan be molested by a bunch of politicians.

Uncertainties loom over this issue and if not rectified and clarified as soon as possible someone will loose their temper. In this case UMNO might just crack. If the rumours are anything to be believed probably UMNO Terengganu will be on the warpath of UMNO HQ. What is to be the worrying bit is that at the end of all this, it is the people of Terengganu that will suffer.

I do seriously hope that his Royal Highness Sultan Mizan will spread everything out in the open as to why he choose Ahmad and silence UMNO HQ for good. It is after all for the sake and well being of the people of the state.

25 March, 2008

Pak Lah admits cyber campaign caused defeat.

Malaysia Kini reports that Pak Lah admits he overlooked the importance of the world wide web in the last Generel Election campaign. It obviously caused BN to loose a lot of ground in the stakes.

I have written before that instead of going against bloggers, BN should have went alongside and cop the wave that blogs played since last year. The so called amount spent of some cyber troopers to fight instead of embrace the idea was certainly a waste of resources.

Perhaps Pah Lah should not have listened to his cohorts which obviously have no idea what blogs are and the importance it plays to society today. On the other hand it is really a trump card by the opposition with the many bloggers that they have caught on to their side.

Now what should Pak Lah do? First he should recognize us bloggers to have the power to influence as a collective unit. Second, do not even waste time in employing some IT graduate to do the job. He should instead get those who has qualifications in PR, political science or journalism. Third, no point giving these people an office and work 9 to 5. Bloggers do not work that way. What he should do is get the UMNO youth who are already bloggers to cut time and enter the socio-political blogging race.

Finally, sack all those cyber troopers and use those funds to buy domains and hostings to sponsor the UMNO youth's blogs. That way he will give business to local hosting companies and at the same time get into this political cyber race. Owh but out of all that he should let these UMNO youth speak their mind and not tell them what to write. People can tell if the a blog is pro this or that and to who feeds what and where. Point of view stays relevant and consistent only when the individual is given freedom to express his or her own point of views.

I know the government is monitoring this blog, so there you go I have given you a rough idea on how to do it. Am I on your side or the opposition's side? That does not matter. What does is that I am being very fair. YES UMNO is simply not "celik IT" enough.

UMNO running from problems.

It is very well known for a fact that there is a crisis in UMNO. But do the leaders acknowledge it? No they don't. However only so far can be done to avoid the queries and the decision was somewhat made to postpone the party elections. This confirms for a fact that UMNO is in crisis.

It is understood if various parties can't decide on who gets to be MB of Selangor where for the first time the alternative front won majority of the state contested seats. But it does not make sense for UMNO to fight among themselves in Terengganu. If and only if UMNO is not split into factions then whoever the monarch chooses to appoint to be the MB need not matter.

It is a very obvious sign that being in the same party does not mean everyone is fighting for one cause. Now he who accepted the job as given to him by the Sultan who also happens to be the Agong at the moment is being blasted with calls of treachery against the party.

So, what about the line in Rukunegara which states loyalty to the King and Country? I never heard of a version that says "Loyalty to the Party, King and Country". If there is, it surely sounds absurd.

Party elections are postponed till next year. To avoid chaos it seems. Not chaos... it's saving face or what is left of it at least. I would rather see UMNO have it before middle of this year. Since half of the cabinet is new, I seriously do think that half of the people on the UMNO ranks should be swapped as well. Before further embarrassment who ever thinks that they cant survive should by all means step down.

24 March, 2008

Excos of the richest state in Malaysia

Teresa Kok (DAP)
Datuk Dr Hassan Ali (PAS)
Yaakob Sapari (PKR)
Rodziah Ismail (PKR)
Dr Xavier Jayakumar (PKR)
Dr Halimah Ali (PAS)
Iskandar Abdul Samad (PAS)
Ronnie Liu (DAP)
Elizabeth Wong (PKR)
Ean Yong Hian Wah (DAP)

Terengganu UMNO and MB fiasco.

Who should be the MB? I don't know. Who says what and should be believed? I don't know. However, what I do know is that there is something fishy going on in that state's UMNO. Doesn't it tell something is really wrong when there seems to be infighting in the party? PAS is looking very opportunistic here. It sees an opening and might just do something about it.

But putting the people of the state into this much trouble will not benefit anyone. Why is it happening? What exactly seems to be the interest between the parties involved? More questions arise as the longer this thing drags on. Until it is solved the state is loosing precious time in getting to what it is suppose to do.

Can someone expose something so the whole fiasco stops? If it is indeed about the Petroleum then the middle word here is greed isn't it? I am confused....

23 March, 2008

Lets unwind at Unity Concert for a good cause.

Politics can be such a stressing thing. However some youths out there who really don't give a hoot about what old farts want to fight about has come together to organize this event.

Ok fine I admit..... I am part of the organizing team as well. BUT only because it is inline with my beliefs and principles. So the details of the event can be found on the online flyer below. It's cheap....it's fun...it's for a good cause. Proceeds from the tickets sold will be partially set aside to purchase School Uniforms for the needy children of schools in Klang.

UNITY CONCERT....Skipping Differences for One and ALL. All Malaysians are welcome (of course foreigners can come).

No Drugs No Alcohol No Violence No Racism

22 March, 2008

Perhaps it is not a buy out.

MPs switching sides right after elections. Moving over to the dark side? Disloyalty? Or just simply moving to where the grass is actually greener? Anwar says there are MPs changing to his side. UMNO says "Mana ader dowh~". Either one is painting an imaginative picture or the other is in denial.

Political strategies can most times defy logic. But that is how the whole game works doesn't it? Because if it is too logical then it might not work proper. So politicians are just like magicians or like a child having and imagination absorbed in his or her own world. Just that it goes so far out that it has every intention to engulf as many people it can.

Make believe....picture perfect fairytale promises sprinkled to any mind creates hope and spurs people to say "Yes I can". Familiar? Yes certainly it is....Obama is using it to good effect. So what it is really between Anwar and UMNO?

It does not really matter. Why? UMNO mobilized some of it's dumb resources to investigate the matter. Anwar has already got UMNO scared that it is loosing their people. UMNO knows that after GEs in the past some opposition candidates switched sides....sometimes almost immediately.

So looks like UMNO got a taste of their own old medicine. Surely they deserve it. Having ruled with good majority for 50 years that is what it does to you. You get cocky.

21 March, 2008

Public demands change in the government. I say change the media too.

Change is a shocking thing. Traumatic to some, especially to most old farts. We have seen so far this week crying ex-ministers leaving office, empty racks which use to hold critical documents (and those documents have disappeared), all development plans for a state has been put on ice until further investigations and some curry named lawyer who is still on trial for some spicy video. Exciting times these has been but I do figure that the ones who holds the power to influence are still held by the same old bloody bastards.

Now...do watch this video and apply it to our situation here in Malaysia. I do not think it is any different. In fact I think it is very relevant.

And just so you know who is this British chap who makes so much sense please read more on him here.

18 March, 2008

Cabinet line-up announced. Nazri the idiot and Iron Woman Rafidah dropped.

There is certainly a cause for celebrations. The biggest idiot in the previous cabinet has been dropped from being de-facto Justice Minister and the over-dramatic Iron Lady of boleh land was shown the exit. New face oh new faces. Tan Sri Muhyiddin heads international trade replacing Rafidah.

The line-up looks pretty decent accept fot Taib (wtf?!!!). Now all corporate heads has to re-network to the newly appointed Muhyiddin. That should spoil a few cronies. Half of the old cabinet was shown the door. Owh and they changed the Minister of Higher Education too! Datuk Khaled Nordin is the new head.

Hopefully our universities will see a revamp in administration too. There is one VC I wish him to loose his job. Ayyyy....pirate.

The Malaysian has the complete cabinet line-up.

17 March, 2008

Merger of BN component parties into ONE.

Opinions? "The time is not ripe" says Samy. Chang Ko Youn says they should. But those are their opinions. Nothing from UMNO about this yet. However, lets take a wide angle perspective. What could happen if BN component parties were to merge into one and allow everyone to join.

I would say the ball park will be level. But still I bet Alif Mim Nun Wau members has a lot to protest against. Their annual general assembly will be filled with other races which I bet taking into account their racist stand in their annual ruckus debates will have to be toned down a lot.

"The Indians will be marginalized" that is what Samy says. As if he could help them anymore than what he has done. MCA seems not really too bothered, in fact they suggested it in the first place. But what about the army of reds and whites? They will be the first to pounce and start a so called parade but in actual fact it is a street protest....

Just like the one done by Khairy and just a couple of days ago by UMNO Penang about the marginalizing NEP. So, no matter what there will this whole bunch of whacks that I am confident will take it to the streets and say their rights are being raped.

The first step is to eradicate those members who are racist. UMNO, MIC and MCA needs to be cleansed to the bone before there is any hope of BN formally merging as one party and accepts members of all races. But until that is done I would rest my hopes
on PKR. In other words "MIMPI JER LAH!".

15 March, 2008

Party loyalty or Leader loyalty?

Mukhriz Mahathir wrote a letter to the PM.Which is naturally over publicized again by the media. What was suggested in the letter was for Pak Lah to resign after BN's performance for the 12th General Elections.

Putting aside that he is the son of the country's ex-premier his opinion is not at all out of line. All he did was wrote a letter and not announce to the whole world publicly that Pak Lah should step down.

Dumb and relics the seniors of UMNO are they called Mukhriz's action as disloyalty to the leader. Which happens all the time in any political party in the world. The old farts are probably shit scared that all that they get now will no longer be provided if Pak Lah steps down. So naturally everyone has to protect their rice bowls.

But honestly there is no such thing as being loyal to a leader when the leader indeed has fucked up. But what stays is loyalty to the party. A party can never never fuck up but a leader is always able to screw people dependent on him. SO what is the clear message here?

It is very clear that those who denies a fuck up that is pretty obvious are cronies. Party members should first be loyal to the party because the party stays even when the leaders change all the time.

SO, I don't see what was wrong what Mukhriz did. Nor it was something that could weaken the party. What he did simply is scary to cronies of the leader. Who are worried that their contracts will be pulled off and what ever they have invested will be left to just dust.

14 March, 2008

PAS rep as Kedah MB worries people.

Truth be told that the people had it's way. Well, sort of... now is the time to reflect on what has been chosen. Kelantan has been a good example of what PAS is capable of doing. So some quarters if not all in Kedah are pretty darn worried.

However the new MB of Kedah has assured the people that nothing will be done hastily. Such is the words from a man that wants to win the people's hearts. Which I think that is very natural after winning in the elections and getting the MB post.

What seems to be the worry is that a lot of business in Kedah could suffer from a PAS led state depending on what nature of the business is. Non Muslims are the ones that are not sleeping well these days. Worrying about pork and liquor would just be flushed out of the state.

But that seems to be the worry on the surface. I feel there is more to it. The only good that is apparent from a PAS led state is that prices for government services might not go any higher. Islamic education will be given more attention and Muslims regardless of race might just be managed better.

So I guess Langkawi will loose it's appeal as a getaway for undergraduates to have fun. There would be people watching out for vice activities behind all the bushes and crevice that you could possibly imagine. However I am more worried about the economic development of the state. What has PAS in it's sleeves will be a great concern to all Kedahans.

12 March, 2008

To NEP or not to NEP?

This is an age old argument. Regardless of what is the season and reason for that matter. Now DAP has Penang as it's base and are the Malays there pissing in their pants? Not all...I bet the traditionalist are.

"Owh owh...what are we going to do without NEPs?!" I can imagine them shouting in their kampungs. Sheeshhh...enough already. Some idiot claims that without NEP the Malays are marginalized. Hmmm... that seems to be a favourite word nowadays. Can't all the old farts and pro-old farts realize that it's the NEP that is marginalizing the Malays?

Why? It makes them lazy, goyang kaki, dig their noses and still hope to get paid from it. Reality, an NEP that favours the lazy assholes is no good. What we need is an NEP that is not prejudice against races. One that promotes healthy competition and one that punishes those who become worse when they receive the subsidies.

Malays have to face it that BN is not entirely good. The individuals in any political party for that matter has their own agenda and always wants something in return for their "Services". It is only fair right? No one works for nothing these days. For being Malay is to be born lazy...especially those who has been spoon fed by BN.

Don't you think it is time to wake up and hustle it by your self? Other races do it fine and I cant see why Malays cant. Do not abolish the current NEP. I say change it.....every word that specifies race should be changed to nationality. So if it says specifically Chinese, Indian or Malay change it all to Malaysian.

From there onwards, it is pound for pound brains and brawn equally. How now MELAYU? Are you up for that?

Cautious Sultan.

Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia is everyone's cup of tea. Knowing this, His Majestry Sultan of Selangor is simply being cautious on who forms the new state government. I don't blame him because the picture is full of uncertainties.

However, the state may be poised for fresh ideas and renewed sources of wealth. Investors might be pleased with that but are the people of the state will be taken care of? PKR, DAP and PAS is an unproven coalition. So as to many out there that is very happy when BN has been shown the exit I am feeling a bit of a thrill that opportunities to further develop Selangor will be coming from non-traditionalist minds.

But still....no consent from the Sultan means no state government. At least for the time being. But lets look at what might just happen.... I figure that the Sultan will be very meticulous on who are the candidates chosen to form the state government. We all know that Selangor has by far the most Datuks stripped off their titles. So who gets onto the bench must better have a good clean record.

People of Selangor need not worry. For what ever the matter is they know that the sultan has the people's interest deep down in his majesty's heart. I say lets support the His Majesty's decision as we have a very good eye to keep watch on things.

11 March, 2008

King dies leaving palace behind~

Eh eh....before my readers starts saying I am playing a hoax first let me say that the king is not really at all a king. Catchy titles captures more readers if you know what I mean. So the person in question is the Late Zakaria. Yes that ex Port Klang State Assemblyman who build that controversial castle in Klang.

Brand new house~ and now he got himself a brand new grave. I am sorry to his family and friends but nothing more than sympathy is due. Sympathy does not come with any credit. I can't see why it is such a fuss that he died. It's not not like he is a big hero or helped build Port Klang to what it is. Just a meager state assemblyman...simple and nothing that great really.

So whatever it is he was doing to earn a living that is between him and God now. So let him be and please he is not a national icon to have that huge space in the newspapers. The media should concentrate on other more important things and let people die in peace.

Who will be in Pak Lah's All Stars?

He has sworn in as PM. Now who will he pick to put back the crumbled pieces? Well, it is good to know that a few relics will no longer be in the cabinet. However Pak Lah seems to hope that they will be made senators and still appear in parliament.

Shocking? Not really. What is the use of the relics now anyways? Looks to me like Pak Lah is trying his level best to sneak them in for some reason. However what are the key areas that needs desperate changes?

I say start of with The Minister of Higher Education. Why? Because the future starts from there. Higher Education has been everything else but sufficient. Where are our local varsities in the regional rankings? Forget about world rankings. Who looks placing in the 100 and above region? No one. Some one young and has experience in the foreign education systems should be brought in.

Sharizat has left a big void. A young and aspiring Malaysian woman should be given a shot at this one. Someone who fights for woman's rights and has a good sense of social responsibility must be given to ensure Malaysian woman get what they have been deprived of for so long.

Now as for Mr. Samy.....this one a drunk person also can tell you that our road roadworks is prime for a revolution. Town planning is non-existent and thus makes our roads as bad as Samy's scarce hair follicles.

Minister of Health has got to be someone who will not be caught with his pants down. Better still....give it to a woman. It is a well known fact that women are much more faithful than men. Plus we need a person who is so into details that every sense of health care services are covered. Plus we won't get cheated off our insurance money.

Multimedia, Telecommunications and Post....hmmm....our postal service is fine. Telecommunications.....well....not reliable. Still expansive for the speed we are getting and idiots as customer service. Someone strong in hammering down the "keparats" that are stealing the people's money and giving third class service at first class prices.

Hishamuddin should stay where he is or move up. I am pretty happy with what he has done for schools last year. But he should keep that Keris waving thing at his house parties and no where else. Sports and Youth....this one.....is a headache. Azalina should be given a hockey stick to eat. Our sports is in a shameful state. We are failing in almost every front when it comes to sports.

It s about time that Pak Lah listens to the people on who should he take into cabinet. Not that his peers are entirely useless but his last one was a complete mess. Minister of Information was a complete buffoon so to speak. A minister with that kind of performance should be shot twice and be sunk in the deepest Malaysian ocean regions.

10 March, 2008

Fellow Malaysians~!!! We are the CHAMPIONS~!

I dedicate this song to all Malaysians. Young and Old, to every single race but with the united heart and voice~! Malaysia BOLEH~! Rakyat Bahagia, Negara Aman, Tiada Kebuluran~!

So place your right palm on your chest and shout out loud~ Malaysia Kepunyaan Rakyatnya!

ps: Just ignore what Freddie is wearing~

Stubborn, forgetful and arrogant old men.

There are 3 men that I am referring to. Tun M, Pak Lah and Samy. One retired, One is still in office and another just lost his office. Tun M said that Pak Lah should step down. But Tun did not do that when he was pressured to do so in the late 90's. In fact he used Pak Lah to put a pretty veil over the people's eyes. Cunning old man.

Pak Lah has last a lot of confidence from the people. So "dah kalah tu kalah le" and still he is setting up the new cabinet with god knows who else. So I bet his sleeping patterns after this should change....unless of course he decides to "buat bodo" which infact the people will might just react to it.

Is Samy still around? Good lord at least not as a minister. But he is still leading MIC. Hmmmm....someone should call for a vote of confidence in MIC quickly so that their members can speak and decide once and for all to banish the old man or not.

It appears to me there is too many eccentric old men loitering in our political scene. Somehow they refuse to just go away. No more two thirds and half of the states swung the other way so what now?

I am afraid that leadership wise, Malaysia has not that much pool of talent. I would not like to see Anwar as PM nor do I want to see Najib taking over. Something from history tells me these two are simple bad choices. What about the young guns? The infamous son in law? No way....someone shoot him even if he takes the deputy post. Hishamuddin? Hmmm..... that might just be the best option, but I may have overlooked some other people.

Musa Hitam...so so....Mat Taib? Owh good lord no way~! Razaleigh? Hmmmm....I like this old man but yeah he is OLD. Why all Melayu only lah~ if the law allows non-Malay Malaysian to become PM we would have more choices perhaps? Hmmm....choices and more choices. We'll wait and see who makes up Pak Lah new bumbling, stumbling squad. Oh and do change the Higher Education Minister. I don't see him doing anything much besides denying lots of kids from obtaining better qualifications.

09 March, 2008

FRU stationed at Selangor State Secretary Building.

I happen to pass by the area around 2pm. What I saw was a line of opposition decorated vehicles and supporters amounting to not more than 100 people. MOst were chilling under the shady trees. However, there were 2 FRU trucks stationed there and a couple of police jeeps parked in front of the main gate.

Nothing rowdy happened by the looks of it. I bet they are there to bid goodbye to those who are packing up and clearing out for the new state government. Wooohooo~!

Shocking? Now is it? Study? What for? Face it lah~!!

MCA is in disbelief. Should they be? I don't think so. What is there to study~ well I suspect they might be slow learners. It takes a mind of an imbecile to know what went wrong.

In this particular situation....everything. Racial tension reached it's peak late last year and continues to a good 4 weeks into the year. Numerous rallies by various parties should be a testament to that. Next would be having antiques and artifacts as ministers.

Then there are many human rights cases. One was the mysterious death of an Indian teen in police custody. Then there is that Mongolian bomb lass plus the Lingam video. Not forgetting the ever increasing price and the weaker buying power of Malaysian Ringgit.

It is simply overconfidence that the farts have. Now it has caught up and it is a bloody headache ain't it? I feel like laughing but....heck....hahahahahahah~!!!! Go ahead, get back home and ponder over the figures and ask what went wrong. I can give you the answer now itself~ You idiots have been very lazy. So what for studying now?

Kindly stay at home. Be a wise citizen

Shocking results. Looks like th scales might just tip over. BN is taking huge blows but the opposition should not count their chickens yet. Desperate times may certainly call for desperate measures. Whoever could just cause a spark what could possibly lead to civil unrest.

So, people. Please stay at home. Ample advice has been given to not take it to the streets to celebrate. At least not yet~ please bare in mind that the innocent might be in danger if we act recklessly. THIS is no time for foolish and immature actions.

Let the ballot counts be official and tomorrow whoever who was defeated will nurse their wounds and the triumphant shall rejoice for a new beginning.

Selangor has fallen~ to the alternative~!

Proud BN officially announces Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Terengganu. BUT keeps mum on Selangor. Why? Because they might have just lost it~!

Get the latest updates minus the crappy loading times here

08 March, 2008

Old birds go down~ Bang Bang~!!

Samy is down....Sharizat is down....Khairy still fighting (more like arguing). t has been a very interesting General Elections so far. PAS is stronger than ever in Kelantan. BN got a good first smack when they lost Penang.

I landed a stint as Voting Agent for Bandar Tun Razak. Not much of a scene....I was there from 10am till 1pm. Many smiling faces but the turnout slowed down considerably at mid-day. Yes, BN lost too~

The opposition is having a good start so far but BN is leading overall no-doubt. Will have to wait and see the final outcome tomorrow. Pak Lah seems to be accepting the fact that his influence has deteriorated with the defeat in a few areas. I say serve you right Pak Lah.

However, I still feel that BN will win. Just that they have a lesser majority. In which case Pak Lah better stop sleeping and start listening. Should Najib be worried? Maybe yes and maybe no. I would rather not speculate too much. But the next couple of hours some people will get rich and some will go poor. Some will make more friends and some will loose support.

Because thats the bitchy world goes. Ya Dig?!

07 March, 2008

Resorting to threats.

One more day to go and the fate and future of the country will be decided for around another 5 years. Tactics have slowly turned very dirty from both sides of the camp. Front page on NST sounds to me like Pah Lah is giving out threats that if the Chinese and Indians do not vote for MCA and MIC they will be less represented in the cabinet.

Hah?!! Ubsurd? Sure it is. I wonder where does it state that those who gets selected into the cabinet has to be entirely from the winning party. I would like to take the case of Tun Daim Zainuddin who was roped by Tun M on special occasions when the country's economy was taking a plunge.

What is Pak Lah trying to say? My fellow Chinese and Indian Malaysians will not at all be represented in the cabinet if BN does not get the majority? The PM can easily select those outside the camp....but it appears very clear that his selection has always favoritisms written all over it. His current crop of ministers are not all that competent anyways.

Yeah yeah....I should not get it wrong eh? But it was the first thing that I felt when I read the article. It pretty much sums up that in all sense of a true statesman, he (Pak Lah) will not consider anyone else out of his side of the camp to represent the minority Chinese and Indians. Booo~ Pak Lah. Now I do really feel disgusted after reading and listening to all the lies.

Now it is nearing the eleventh hour and the rakyat has to decide what happens to this old fart. I don't mind him staying....once and awhile seeing him sleep is kind of entertaining and I do not want Anwar to be the next PM or some other PAS leader for that matter. In my humble opinion I would rather have none of the current crop of ministers. I would rather pick a clean slate~ No Najib, No more senile Samy, No more sexually disoriented sports and youth minister.

If I were to choose I would rather have Hishamuddin to lead, Wan Azizah to take a minister's post and same goes to Karpal. Hey, why not even put Jeff Ooi as a minister too. I would rather gamble to their names rather than archaic practices of BN fossils.

06 March, 2008

Anwar shames country or BN is ashamed that anwar exposed them?

BN cries foul over Anwar's spurts of bad mouthing about Malaysia. Errr....why are they (BN) ashamed for? If it is true then they should be proud of it right? Besides they love publicity whut. Where there is trouble that is where BN will show up all the sudden to sort of sort out the mess. Simple case of when it pours, thats the time they want to find for shade.

Opportunist to the hilt. I heard Samy is a parrot every time elections is over the shoulder. Everything that the PM says he will simply say yes, oraits, wokeh~ Owh don't forget that he goes around playing the role of "Yes" man very perfectly.

I have watched a few campaign speeches by Anwar. It is very entertaining and bloody funny too. I wonder why the rest can't be half as entertaining as him and what he speaks of is no big secret. I say the more exposure the better. As the corrupted must go and we know who that is.

Would it be true if say BN looses two thirds majority and then the people will get what they want? I seriously don't think so. PRices will always go up but at least the riches could be spread evenly and that is if we dont walk out of a crocodile's mouth and into a lion's.

05 March, 2008

Plan smeared with ink.

Pooof~ now no more ink. So how? Just less than 4 days to go and they pull this shit. It looks like the EC never planned a back-up or was it a planned thing? A normal man on the street can just bluntly say it's bullshit. The EC can give a whole junk of reports but really who would believe it?

Don't blame me from being a skeptic now. But how come all sorts of crap happens just before the elections. Now, it is common sense of not to declare something before it is legally tangible. So the ink can be challenged by law as it is not yet amended. So why did they get the ink in the first place? To fill fountain pens so more "Let con the rakyat" contacts be signed?

I could make up a bunch of conclusions but I would merely just shooting the sky and hope God falls from it. So did the EC just took the rakyat on a ride? I believe so or else this would not have happened. Who can we trust? I say no one. I'll take the first chance I can get to migrate out of this country as soon as possible.

04 March, 2008

Hows the campaign going so far? Good ah?

I find that poking fun at the elections is super entertaining. Have you seen cars with stickers and flags of political parties? I bet you have...but I bet some of you have seen mock rockets being installed on some vehicles as well. I haven't seen a moon or "Dacing" yet. I bet I am bound to see one soon.

Anyhow, taking time off from all this stressful election thing and all the bullshit I have been hearing and reading may I suggest that all of us to take a break. It may not be light hearted comedy but I do think it is darn funny.

Let me present to you Comedy Court and their song just for the 2008 Elections...

03 March, 2008

What could happen if the opposition wins.

I had a casual chat with a devoted lawyer who is a human rights activist. From issues of youth suddenly we breached the topic of the GE. Not that it surprises me, I bet the chickens in kampungs are clucking about it off and on.

But from that conversation and the many things we conversed about we realized there is a worrying thing. The repercussion of BN loosing will spark unrest. Why? Simply because BN has never felt defeat of such a scale we were talking about. Quickly the both of us realized and agree that what happened in Kampung Medan as well as May 13th.

Quickly we thought what if the same tactics are used this time around. Act of desperation for BN component parties? Naaahhh... it's more of UMNO's tactics really. Lets take a few prominent names of today and compare them with their family history.

May 13th was point blankly a desperate creation of fear by certain quarters to wash their hands off clean and put the blame on others. If my readers are smart enough they know what the Tun Razak legacy is capable of. Najib is next in line after Pak Lah and for BN to loose two thirds would bring disaster to the family's doorstep wouldn't it?

But there are young bloods that are reckless~ Hishamuddin comes from a very strong family too. So what kind of muscle he can pull is a very worrying thought. But history is on his side that his grandfather was not mentioned alongside May 13th. Khairy is definitely the young turk. Many UMNO members hate him for one reason or the other. Owning shares in high rolling businesses might be his fault but we all know he is thirsty.

Walk into The Pavillion and stroll into the TENC "The Emperor's New Clothes" boutique has his name written all over it. Heck even Pak Lah signed the pool table in the middle of the store. But those are pretty much petty things.

So intense are the campaign this time around that every night legions of vehicles decked in various political parties addenda prowl the streets till wee hours of the morning. I heard BN pays a lot to those who are willing to use their personal vehicles so the party can slap on stickers. Wouldn't you want RM4000 paid to you in cash to have a few party stickers slapped on your car?

The spending this time around is beyond comprehension. It is way past ridiculous and I do think that the money should be spent to far more better causes. So will civil unrest be expected if BN looses? I say yes.

Creating fear is so easy, all it takes is to start some tiny riot in some ulu place and the word will spread like wildfire. When people are in fear they go back to those who created it unknowingly. Suckers? Yes....but this time around the public should be smart to not fall into such a trap if it happens. BN or more specifically UMNO should be very aware that creating fear is a devil's tactic.....and the opposition is capitalizing this GE far better than all 50 years combined.