06 March, 2008

Anwar shames country or BN is ashamed that anwar exposed them?

BN cries foul over Anwar's spurts of bad mouthing about Malaysia. Errr....why are they (BN) ashamed for? If it is true then they should be proud of it right? Besides they love publicity whut. Where there is trouble that is where BN will show up all the sudden to sort of sort out the mess. Simple case of when it pours, thats the time they want to find for shade.

Opportunist to the hilt. I heard Samy is a parrot every time elections is over the shoulder. Everything that the PM says he will simply say yes, oraits, wokeh~ Owh don't forget that he goes around playing the role of "Yes" man very perfectly.

I have watched a few campaign speeches by Anwar. It is very entertaining and bloody funny too. I wonder why the rest can't be half as entertaining as him and what he speaks of is no big secret. I say the more exposure the better. As the corrupted must go and we know who that is.

Would it be true if say BN looses two thirds majority and then the people will get what they want? I seriously don't think so. PRices will always go up but at least the riches could be spread evenly and that is if we dont walk out of a crocodile's mouth and into a lion's.

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pamina said...

gosh man
i wouldnt be that optimistic...