18 March, 2008

Cabinet line-up announced. Nazri the idiot and Iron Woman Rafidah dropped.

There is certainly a cause for celebrations. The biggest idiot in the previous cabinet has been dropped from being de-facto Justice Minister and the over-dramatic Iron Lady of boleh land was shown the exit. New face oh new faces. Tan Sri Muhyiddin heads international trade replacing Rafidah.

The line-up looks pretty decent accept fot Taib (wtf?!!!). Now all corporate heads has to re-network to the newly appointed Muhyiddin. That should spoil a few cronies. Half of the old cabinet was shown the door. Owh and they changed the Minister of Higher Education too! Datuk Khaled Nordin is the new head.

Hopefully our universities will see a revamp in administration too. There is one VC I wish him to loose his job. Ayyyy....pirate.

The Malaysian has the complete cabinet line-up.


Anonymous said...

Pliz go very slow. Nazri Aziz was retained and he wasn't retained. Just look at the list again.

Yoda said...

Nazri the Nazi is still in ler....

Rauff said...

my apologies...there were contradicting sources. However I think The Malaysian blog got it right.

anak johor said...

dont expect khalid will do much at MOHE, he is proxy to Shahril + Tun MUsa plus he already grown thick cronies around him.

moo_t said...

Nothing to see here, lets move on.

Sean E said...

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FwakYorSehf said...

Sean E: Even though your intentions might be good, I hate fuckers who cut-and-paste LOOOOOONG paragraphs on someone else's blog, especially when it has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Like that fucker who went around pasting that racial statistics thing that had like 100 points on it. Go fuck yourself, then go start a blog. Then at least you can paste a link, instead of the whole fucking chapter. OK?