12 March, 2008

Cautious Sultan.

Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia is everyone's cup of tea. Knowing this, His Majestry Sultan of Selangor is simply being cautious on who forms the new state government. I don't blame him because the picture is full of uncertainties.

However, the state may be poised for fresh ideas and renewed sources of wealth. Investors might be pleased with that but are the people of the state will be taken care of? PKR, DAP and PAS is an unproven coalition. So as to many out there that is very happy when BN has been shown the exit I am feeling a bit of a thrill that opportunities to further develop Selangor will be coming from non-traditionalist minds.

But still....no consent from the Sultan means no state government. At least for the time being. But lets look at what might just happen.... I figure that the Sultan will be very meticulous on who are the candidates chosen to form the state government. We all know that Selangor has by far the most Datuks stripped off their titles. So who gets onto the bench must better have a good clean record.

People of Selangor need not worry. For what ever the matter is they know that the sultan has the people's interest deep down in his majesty's heart. I say lets support the His Majesty's decision as we have a very good eye to keep watch on things.

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