09 March, 2008

FRU stationed at Selangor State Secretary Building.

I happen to pass by the area around 2pm. What I saw was a line of opposition decorated vehicles and supporters amounting to not more than 100 people. MOst were chilling under the shady trees. However, there were 2 FRU trucks stationed there and a couple of police jeeps parked in front of the main gate.

Nothing rowdy happened by the looks of it. I bet they are there to bid goodbye to those who are packing up and clearing out for the new state government. Wooohooo~!


Anonymous said...

And clearing out (shredding, like Enron?) records, receipts and meeting minutes of the corruption, land grabs, illegal donations to their "sports club", billboard monopoly deals and permits to build illegal mansions..?

Anonymous said...

Actually the opposition supporters by all reports have been camping in front the building as early as 11pm on the 8th of march.

Having caught the whiff of a possible win by Barisan Rakyat in Selangor, they have made it their duty to ensure that neither the previous Menteri Besar nor any of his 3rd parties get access to the building and attempt to dispose of the expected cache of documents and paper trails that will likely provide answers on the past establishment's actions.

TO this brave and tireless citizens, I say many thanks is due for your vigilance.