09 March, 2008

Kindly stay at home. Be a wise citizen

Shocking results. Looks like th scales might just tip over. BN is taking huge blows but the opposition should not count their chickens yet. Desperate times may certainly call for desperate measures. Whoever could just cause a spark what could possibly lead to civil unrest.

So, people. Please stay at home. Ample advice has been given to not take it to the streets to celebrate. At least not yet~ please bare in mind that the innocent might be in danger if we act recklessly. THIS is no time for foolish and immature actions.

Let the ballot counts be official and tomorrow whoever who was defeated will nurse their wounds and the triumphant shall rejoice for a new beginning.


ZACH said...

Yes, winning does not mean we can celebrate and jeer at the loser. As citizen and voters with brains, we should keep our cool. We should look forward from now on and see how we can build Malaysia together.

pamina said...

im sad with the outcome. right now, only wisdom can guide us out.