11 March, 2008

King dies leaving palace behind~

Eh eh....before my readers starts saying I am playing a hoax first let me say that the king is not really at all a king. Catchy titles captures more readers if you know what I mean. So the person in question is the Late Zakaria. Yes that ex Port Klang State Assemblyman who build that controversial castle in Klang.

Brand new house~ and now he got himself a brand new grave. I am sorry to his family and friends but nothing more than sympathy is due. Sympathy does not come with any credit. I can't see why it is such a fuss that he died. It's not not like he is a big hero or helped build Port Klang to what it is. Just a meager state assemblyman...simple and nothing that great really.

So whatever it is he was doing to earn a living that is between him and God now. So let him be and please he is not a national icon to have that huge space in the newspapers. The media should concentrate on other more important things and let people die in peace.


Anonymous said...

Catchy BUT definitely INAPPROPRIATE!!!

Please ...behave yourself...have more respect for the KING...STOP ABUSING THE WORD..

Purple Haze said...

The media was there because the UMNO bigwigs were there.

Perhaps the more relevant question would be - why are the UMNO bigwigs there if he was not supposedly a significant player ?

Rauff said...

Errr....and if I use the King of Pop is acceptable? Owh...what about King Kong?

If I am at all were to refer to our king I would have used Agong .

Thank you very much for your concern.
Owh~ and I do have respect for the Monarch. Read my article titled Cautious Sultan.