17 March, 2008

Merger of BN component parties into ONE.

Opinions? "The time is not ripe" says Samy. Chang Ko Youn says they should. But those are their opinions. Nothing from UMNO about this yet. However, lets take a wide angle perspective. What could happen if BN component parties were to merge into one and allow everyone to join.

I would say the ball park will be level. But still I bet Alif Mim Nun Wau members has a lot to protest against. Their annual general assembly will be filled with other races which I bet taking into account their racist stand in their annual ruckus debates will have to be toned down a lot.

"The Indians will be marginalized" that is what Samy says. As if he could help them anymore than what he has done. MCA seems not really too bothered, in fact they suggested it in the first place. But what about the army of reds and whites? They will be the first to pounce and start a so called parade but in actual fact it is a street protest....

Just like the one done by Khairy and just a couple of days ago by UMNO Penang about the marginalizing NEP. So, no matter what there will this whole bunch of whacks that I am confident will take it to the streets and say their rights are being raped.

The first step is to eradicate those members who are racist. UMNO, MIC and MCA needs to be cleansed to the bone before there is any hope of BN formally merging as one party and accepts members of all races. But until that is done I would rest my hopes
on PKR. In other words "MIMPI JER LAH!".

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