08 March, 2008

Old birds go down~ Bang Bang~!!

Samy is down....Sharizat is down....Khairy still fighting (more like arguing). t has been a very interesting General Elections so far. PAS is stronger than ever in Kelantan. BN got a good first smack when they lost Penang.

I landed a stint as Voting Agent for Bandar Tun Razak. Not much of a scene....I was there from 10am till 1pm. Many smiling faces but the turnout slowed down considerably at mid-day. Yes, BN lost too~

The opposition is having a good start so far but BN is leading overall no-doubt. Will have to wait and see the final outcome tomorrow. Pak Lah seems to be accepting the fact that his influence has deteriorated with the defeat in a few areas. I say serve you right Pak Lah.

However, I still feel that BN will win. Just that they have a lesser majority. In which case Pak Lah better stop sleeping and start listening. Should Najib be worried? Maybe yes and maybe no. I would rather not speculate too much. But the next couple of hours some people will get rich and some will go poor. Some will make more friends and some will loose support.

Because thats the bitchy world goes. Ya Dig?!

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