25 March, 2008

Pak Lah admits cyber campaign caused defeat.

Malaysia Kini reports that Pak Lah admits he overlooked the importance of the world wide web in the last Generel Election campaign. It obviously caused BN to loose a lot of ground in the stakes.

I have written before that instead of going against bloggers, BN should have went alongside and cop the wave that blogs played since last year. The so called amount spent of some cyber troopers to fight instead of embrace the idea was certainly a waste of resources.

Perhaps Pah Lah should not have listened to his cohorts which obviously have no idea what blogs are and the importance it plays to society today. On the other hand it is really a trump card by the opposition with the many bloggers that they have caught on to their side.

Now what should Pak Lah do? First he should recognize us bloggers to have the power to influence as a collective unit. Second, do not even waste time in employing some IT graduate to do the job. He should instead get those who has qualifications in PR, political science or journalism. Third, no point giving these people an office and work 9 to 5. Bloggers do not work that way. What he should do is get the UMNO youth who are already bloggers to cut time and enter the socio-political blogging race.

Finally, sack all those cyber troopers and use those funds to buy domains and hostings to sponsor the UMNO youth's blogs. That way he will give business to local hosting companies and at the same time get into this political cyber race. Owh but out of all that he should let these UMNO youth speak their mind and not tell them what to write. People can tell if the a blog is pro this or that and to who feeds what and where. Point of view stays relevant and consistent only when the individual is given freedom to express his or her own point of views.

I know the government is monitoring this blog, so there you go I have given you a rough idea on how to do it. Am I on your side or the opposition's side? That does not matter. What does is that I am being very fair. YES UMNO is simply not "celik IT" enough.

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Purple Haze said...

It would be interesting to see how a pro-UMNO or pro-BN blog will be able to provide justification for some of the past actions like the PKFZ scandal, the slap on the wrist for the wrongdoings of the late Abang Z, the re-appointment of Mike Tyson to the cabinet, etc. I mean, can they answer why the MB of Selangor was carrying bags of cash ??? Tak kan he does not know that banks can wire transfer money, if he was "carrying" for someone ?

Of course, the pro-UMNO/BN blogs will attack DSAI and his cohorts and that is far game but they should also provide proof of their assertions to establish credibility if they want to run an expose.

It will also be interesting whether the courts will be impartial if these pro-UMNO/BN b;oggers get sued as well.