14 March, 2008

PAS rep as Kedah MB worries people.

Truth be told that the people had it's way. Well, sort of... now is the time to reflect on what has been chosen. Kelantan has been a good example of what PAS is capable of doing. So some quarters if not all in Kedah are pretty darn worried.

However the new MB of Kedah has assured the people that nothing will be done hastily. Such is the words from a man that wants to win the people's hearts. Which I think that is very natural after winning in the elections and getting the MB post.

What seems to be the worry is that a lot of business in Kedah could suffer from a PAS led state depending on what nature of the business is. Non Muslims are the ones that are not sleeping well these days. Worrying about pork and liquor would just be flushed out of the state.

But that seems to be the worry on the surface. I feel there is more to it. The only good that is apparent from a PAS led state is that prices for government services might not go any higher. Islamic education will be given more attention and Muslims regardless of race might just be managed better.

So I guess Langkawi will loose it's appeal as a getaway for undergraduates to have fun. There would be people watching out for vice activities behind all the bushes and crevice that you could possibly imagine. However I am more worried about the economic development of the state. What has PAS in it's sleeves will be a great concern to all Kedahans.


ZACH said...

New Starits Times today carry an interview by Zubaidah Abu Bakar with Ustaz Azizan, the new Kedah MB.

Prime News/Friday/March 14,2008/ page 11.

I think that will make Kedahan sleeps tight.

SP Guy said...

On the contrary, I believe the PAS govt will give pork sellers a better deal. That's what I heard happens in Kota Bahru. The BN govt in Kedah pushed pork sellers in Taman Intan (Sungai Petani) market into a back lane right behind the local MCA office as if to spite them. Then the MPSPK required all pork shops to install dark tinted glass screens to screen the view of the pork from the public. Unless they're regular customers, nobody will know the business being run in the shop.