22 March, 2008

Perhaps it is not a buy out.

MPs switching sides right after elections. Moving over to the dark side? Disloyalty? Or just simply moving to where the grass is actually greener? Anwar says there are MPs changing to his side. UMNO says "Mana ader dowh~". Either one is painting an imaginative picture or the other is in denial.

Political strategies can most times defy logic. But that is how the whole game works doesn't it? Because if it is too logical then it might not work proper. So politicians are just like magicians or like a child having and imagination absorbed in his or her own world. Just that it goes so far out that it has every intention to engulf as many people it can.

Make believe....picture perfect fairytale promises sprinkled to any mind creates hope and spurs people to say "Yes I can". Familiar? Yes certainly it is....Obama is using it to good effect. So what it is really between Anwar and UMNO?

It does not really matter. Why? UMNO mobilized some of it's dumb resources to investigate the matter. Anwar has already got UMNO scared that it is loosing their people. UMNO knows that after GEs in the past some opposition candidates switched sides....sometimes almost immediately.

So looks like UMNO got a taste of their own old medicine. Surely they deserve it. Having ruled with good majority for 50 years that is what it does to you. You get cocky.

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