05 March, 2008

Plan smeared with ink.

Pooof~ now no more ink. So how? Just less than 4 days to go and they pull this shit. It looks like the EC never planned a back-up or was it a planned thing? A normal man on the street can just bluntly say it's bullshit. The EC can give a whole junk of reports but really who would believe it?

Don't blame me from being a skeptic now. But how come all sorts of crap happens just before the elections. Now, it is common sense of not to declare something before it is legally tangible. So the ink can be challenged by law as it is not yet amended. So why did they get the ink in the first place? To fill fountain pens so more "Let con the rakyat" contacts be signed?

I could make up a bunch of conclusions but I would merely just shooting the sky and hope God falls from it. So did the EC just took the rakyat on a ride? I believe so or else this would not have happened. Who can we trust? I say no one. I'll take the first chance I can get to migrate out of this country as soon as possible.

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pamina said...


to leave this country (should i put it stronger like "this god forsaken place") u need money. sometimes i think those who get left behind like us are simply too poor to get out...

poor, poor malaysians...