26 March, 2008

The plot thickens for the state of Terengganu.

It's becoming like a soap opera. Idris, Ahmad, UMNO and the Sultan of Terengganu make up this thick political plot. I am not pulling the Sultan into this political ploy but instead I do seriously think that the Sultan is doing his duty very well.

Idris who is reported to have backing of party president and 22 UMNO state devision leaders is prepared to apologize to the regent. Ahmad on the other hand was told to start work regardless of him being sworn in or not.

Now there is a secret pact (as it was reported in the NST) that the 22 that support Idris is actually supporting Ahmad. Hmmmm....is the state UMNO doing a reversal on Pak Lah? Only they know for sure. The Sultan I bet is a very cautious man and thus the decision to choose Ahmad instead of Idris should be a sound one. Still the palace have not released the reason as to why really Ahmad is chosen instead of Idris.

What will Pak Lah do now? It is not the first time that UMNO has somewhat demand that things go their way. Remember Tun M? He made changes on how the law is passed if the Agong were not to give consent. But that is a legacy left by the old party president who at that time was also the PM of this country. Could Pak Lah do such thing?

I doubt it. Right now seems to be a critical point that the people has so much power and even UMNO members doubt the abilities of Pak Lah steering the country. The proof is that UMNO party elections is to be pushed back. Knowing the people of Terangganu they would obviously back their Sultan and if the the government or even UMNO tries to do something stupid the least is that the people of the state will not allow for the power of the Sultan be molested by a bunch of politicians.

Uncertainties loom over this issue and if not rectified and clarified as soon as possible someone will loose their temper. In this case UMNO might just crack. If the rumours are anything to be believed probably UMNO Terengganu will be on the warpath of UMNO HQ. What is to be the worrying bit is that at the end of all this, it is the people of Terengganu that will suffer.

I do seriously hope that his Royal Highness Sultan Mizan will spread everything out in the open as to why he choose Ahmad and silence UMNO HQ for good. It is after all for the sake and well being of the people of the state.

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