21 March, 2008

Public demands change in the government. I say change the media too.

Change is a shocking thing. Traumatic to some, especially to most old farts. We have seen so far this week crying ex-ministers leaving office, empty racks which use to hold critical documents (and those documents have disappeared), all development plans for a state has been put on ice until further investigations and some curry named lawyer who is still on trial for some spicy video. Exciting times these has been but I do figure that the ones who holds the power to influence are still held by the same old bloody bastards.

Now...do watch this video and apply it to our situation here in Malaysia. I do not think it is any different. In fact I think it is very relevant.

And just so you know who is this British chap who makes so much sense please read more on him here.


Anonymous said...

yes u can change the gov and the media but before u can change it walk my dead body first u scum of the earth, ppl like u make country become like tibet, like pakistan u never thanks to god for wht god have given to this country properous and peaceful I HOPE U DIE SOON COMMUNIST SCUM!!!

desiderata said...


Thanks for the sharing -- this Post resonates wit' my piece CHANGE is POSSIBLE that I just uploaded about 7am.
I may ADD on a BYTE from your Post Okay, and advise my ER to surf hear to here Robert Fisk speak. __ DEsi raising tehtarik to Thee:)

Rauff said...

to anonymous: at least do get your grammar correct. I'll walk over your dead body any day with your english in such a deplorable state. Owh...actually communist do have in somewhat better fundamentals than capitalist...they share the country's riches with all. Unlike so called democracy that whoever you seem to support is hiding behind with...essentially they are capitalists.

Azer Mantessa said...

i'm no english, am a scouser :-)

great posting ... thanks for the link. had in mind of saying the same thing too.