31 March, 2008

Release them. Malaysia has a flawed legal system.

Detention without trial is a violation of human rights. I was reading on the BAR Council statement on the rights of people having legal representative regardless if they can afford it or not. But the ISA defeats all that....no matter how rich your are or poor for that matter you have no rights under the ISA.

Mr. Samy has voiced his concern. Even if it is a political stunt by him and many remain skeptical but I do have to agree on the fact that an ISA detainee was lawfully selected to a people's representative and he should be released for the trust that the people in his constituency has given him.

If it is right that they have indeed made seditious remarks about the government and putting them behind bars was to quell the public perception then in my opinion it did not work. Results of the recent GE shows that. ISA is good in the reason of protecting the nation which is weak and uneducated to make good decisions. But are we Malaysians that stupid?

Recognize that Malaysians are infact very smart and mature. If we are not why allow us to vote in the GE? Why trust the people to choose who is good for them? I stand for the fact that ISA is an archaic practice. It is good for a nation which is immature and incompetent.

Would petitions from the public to moot the idea of abolishing ISA work? Would the government do something about such a barbaric practice? Would we as Malaysians stand up and say with one voice that reforms need to be done ASAP? Only time will tell....and I do hope we don't have to wait for another 50 years.

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