07 March, 2008

Resorting to threats.

One more day to go and the fate and future of the country will be decided for around another 5 years. Tactics have slowly turned very dirty from both sides of the camp. Front page on NST sounds to me like Pah Lah is giving out threats that if the Chinese and Indians do not vote for MCA and MIC they will be less represented in the cabinet.

Hah?!! Ubsurd? Sure it is. I wonder where does it state that those who gets selected into the cabinet has to be entirely from the winning party. I would like to take the case of Tun Daim Zainuddin who was roped by Tun M on special occasions when the country's economy was taking a plunge.

What is Pak Lah trying to say? My fellow Chinese and Indian Malaysians will not at all be represented in the cabinet if BN does not get the majority? The PM can easily select those outside the camp....but it appears very clear that his selection has always favoritisms written all over it. His current crop of ministers are not all that competent anyways.

Yeah yeah....I should not get it wrong eh? But it was the first thing that I felt when I read the article. It pretty much sums up that in all sense of a true statesman, he (Pak Lah) will not consider anyone else out of his side of the camp to represent the minority Chinese and Indians. Booo~ Pak Lah. Now I do really feel disgusted after reading and listening to all the lies.

Now it is nearing the eleventh hour and the rakyat has to decide what happens to this old fart. I don't mind him staying....once and awhile seeing him sleep is kind of entertaining and I do not want Anwar to be the next PM or some other PAS leader for that matter. In my humble opinion I would rather have none of the current crop of ministers. I would rather pick a clean slate~ No Najib, No more senile Samy, No more sexually disoriented sports and youth minister.

If I were to choose I would rather have Hishamuddin to lead, Wan Azizah to take a minister's post and same goes to Karpal. Hey, why not even put Jeff Ooi as a minister too. I would rather gamble to their names rather than archaic practices of BN fossils.

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pamina said...


its always about choosing which of them is a lesser evil (or devils for that matter).

yeah, if i have my way, i'd like a clean slate too with no traces of the old thinking they're gonna live forever.

but my part, i did today.