09 March, 2008

Shocking? Now is it? Study? What for? Face it lah~!!

MCA is in disbelief. Should they be? I don't think so. What is there to study~ well I suspect they might be slow learners. It takes a mind of an imbecile to know what went wrong.

In this particular situation....everything. Racial tension reached it's peak late last year and continues to a good 4 weeks into the year. Numerous rallies by various parties should be a testament to that. Next would be having antiques and artifacts as ministers.

Then there are many human rights cases. One was the mysterious death of an Indian teen in police custody. Then there is that Mongolian bomb lass plus the Lingam video. Not forgetting the ever increasing price and the weaker buying power of Malaysian Ringgit.

It is simply overconfidence that the farts have. Now it has caught up and it is a bloody headache ain't it? I feel like laughing but....heck....hahahahahahah~!!!! Go ahead, get back home and ponder over the figures and ask what went wrong. I can give you the answer now itself~ You idiots have been very lazy. So what for studying now?


Purple Haze said...

MCA and MIC have gotten a clear message that thier community thinks that they are being irrelevant. They are not being the voices of the communities that they say they lead.

Gerakan and PPP should even consider switching sides, since they are even more isolated than before.

This election was not about ethnicity. It was about good governance, transparency and accountability.

pamina said...

we'll see how much it is beyond ethnicity. i dont want another singapore.

i think eventually it is us, the common ppl, who will have to live with the final blows...