10 March, 2008

Stubborn, forgetful and arrogant old men.

There are 3 men that I am referring to. Tun M, Pak Lah and Samy. One retired, One is still in office and another just lost his office. Tun M said that Pak Lah should step down. But Tun did not do that when he was pressured to do so in the late 90's. In fact he used Pak Lah to put a pretty veil over the people's eyes. Cunning old man.

Pak Lah has last a lot of confidence from the people. So "dah kalah tu kalah le" and still he is setting up the new cabinet with god knows who else. So I bet his sleeping patterns after this should change....unless of course he decides to "buat bodo" which infact the people will might just react to it.

Is Samy still around? Good lord at least not as a minister. But he is still leading MIC. Hmmmm....someone should call for a vote of confidence in MIC quickly so that their members can speak and decide once and for all to banish the old man or not.

It appears to me there is too many eccentric old men loitering in our political scene. Somehow they refuse to just go away. No more two thirds and half of the states swung the other way so what now?

I am afraid that leadership wise, Malaysia has not that much pool of talent. I would not like to see Anwar as PM nor do I want to see Najib taking over. Something from history tells me these two are simple bad choices. What about the young guns? The infamous son in law? No way....someone shoot him even if he takes the deputy post. Hishamuddin? Hmmm..... that might just be the best option, but I may have overlooked some other people.

Musa Hitam...so so....Mat Taib? Owh good lord no way~! Razaleigh? Hmmmm....I like this old man but yeah he is OLD. Why all Melayu only lah~ if the law allows non-Malay Malaysian to become PM we would have more choices perhaps? Hmmm....choices and more choices. We'll wait and see who makes up Pak Lah new bumbling, stumbling squad. Oh and do change the Higher Education Minister. I don't see him doing anything much besides denying lots of kids from obtaining better qualifications.


mudin001 said...

Spot on! Agree with you on Mahathir, Pak Lah and Samy. Also agree with you on Mustapa Mohamad. Shame because he is elected from my constituency.

Purple Haze said...

I would plump for Zaid Ibrahim, though he is ut in the cold now.