12 March, 2008

To NEP or not to NEP?

This is an age old argument. Regardless of what is the season and reason for that matter. Now DAP has Penang as it's base and are the Malays there pissing in their pants? Not all...I bet the traditionalist are.

"Owh owh...what are we going to do without NEPs?!" I can imagine them shouting in their kampungs. Sheeshhh...enough already. Some idiot claims that without NEP the Malays are marginalized. Hmmm... that seems to be a favourite word nowadays. Can't all the old farts and pro-old farts realize that it's the NEP that is marginalizing the Malays?

Why? It makes them lazy, goyang kaki, dig their noses and still hope to get paid from it. Reality, an NEP that favours the lazy assholes is no good. What we need is an NEP that is not prejudice against races. One that promotes healthy competition and one that punishes those who become worse when they receive the subsidies.

Malays have to face it that BN is not entirely good. The individuals in any political party for that matter has their own agenda and always wants something in return for their "Services". It is only fair right? No one works for nothing these days. For being Malay is to be born lazy...especially those who has been spoon fed by BN.

Don't you think it is time to wake up and hustle it by your self? Other races do it fine and I cant see why Malays cant. Do not abolish the current NEP. I say change it.....every word that specifies race should be changed to nationality. So if it says specifically Chinese, Indian or Malay change it all to Malaysian.

From there onwards, it is pound for pound brains and brawn equally. How now MELAYU? Are you up for that?


suanie said...

but nep was not advantageous to poor bumis lmao it works in theory only la, practical tak boleh guna, unless said bumi is already connected in teh first place

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, NEP was introduced in Malaysia. One generation later, why is NEP still required?

Well, something must be very wrong in its implementation. Maybe it has not been properly applied and that's many still continue to require special assistance. Maybe it's pure unwillingness to face "fair" competition.

NEP should not be allowed to continue indefinitely as the current problems will only get worst... I think we should set a definite deadline to phase -out NEP.

Anonymous said...

This is an emotive topic which is best addressed with care and reason, lest we end up alienating each other. More light, not destructive heat is needed.

For a lot of the urban Malay voters, the loss of the NEP was the price they were willing to pay to secure the future of children and grandchildren. If we begin to think along racial lines again, that sacrifice would now be pointless.


Hamzah said...

no NEP will make Malays compete and better themselves for the global world and when a Malay is the CEO of Pepsi, IBM or Nobel Winner then truly Malaysia Boleh!

Purple Haze said...

Manmohan Singh, Alberto Fujimori, Barack Obama and Bobby Jindal are examples that race is not an obstacle to trying to achieve personal goals.

You.Beautiful by Shaster Ree said...

A healthy change (though not agreed by the pro's) nevertheless,a necessary one.