25 March, 2008

UMNO running from problems.

It is very well known for a fact that there is a crisis in UMNO. But do the leaders acknowledge it? No they don't. However only so far can be done to avoid the queries and the decision was somewhat made to postpone the party elections. This confirms for a fact that UMNO is in crisis.

It is understood if various parties can't decide on who gets to be MB of Selangor where for the first time the alternative front won majority of the state contested seats. But it does not make sense for UMNO to fight among themselves in Terengganu. If and only if UMNO is not split into factions then whoever the monarch chooses to appoint to be the MB need not matter.

It is a very obvious sign that being in the same party does not mean everyone is fighting for one cause. Now he who accepted the job as given to him by the Sultan who also happens to be the Agong at the moment is being blasted with calls of treachery against the party.

So, what about the line in Rukunegara which states loyalty to the King and Country? I never heard of a version that says "Loyalty to the Party, King and Country". If there is, it surely sounds absurd.

Party elections are postponed till next year. To avoid chaos it seems. Not chaos... it's saving face or what is left of it at least. I would rather see UMNO have it before middle of this year. Since half of the cabinet is new, I seriously do think that half of the people on the UMNO ranks should be swapped as well. Before further embarrassment who ever thinks that they cant survive should by all means step down.

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