31 March, 2008

Unity Concert Report.

I got involved in a community project that had a vision to make a difference. Unity Concert happened last Friday and had it's fair share of criticisms and praise. Some said that it went on for too long. Some said the line-up should have only comprised of the best. Some even said that Klang is a bad place to do a concert.

Being part of the organizing committee I do have to agree that there was a lot of flaws. Partly being that we believed that what would be a better way than having a concert at a place where we all grew up. Yes I was brought up in Klang. The fault was indeed ours for as far as that is concerned.

However, I head more praise than criticism. One was the fact that we had the balls to do it in Klang. Second, the team knew it was a big risk but for the love of local music and the youth of Klang we believed we can do it.

The turnout came up short of our expectations but the response that the crowd gave to all the acts lined up exceeds our wildest imaginations. 800 strong youths from as far as KL. Some I heard came from JB and stayed at their cousin's place in Shah Alam. It is all very heart warming. Rotary Club of Klang gave us tremendous support and Rotaract members came and showed their support as well.

The media gave good coverage. Thank you to Malay Mail and Hitz.TV especially because they came really early and stayed on till the whole thing was over. Although the turnout came short but all the artist had a good time performing to the very energetic and responsive crowd.

Certainly we have opened eyes to how much we are capable of doing to unite the youths and benefit the local music scene. We will bring this on and start planning for the next Unity Concert. I do urge those who has the same mentality as ours to hop aboard and start playing an active role to better our youths and enrich them with good homegrown music.

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