03 March, 2008

What could happen if the opposition wins.

I had a casual chat with a devoted lawyer who is a human rights activist. From issues of youth suddenly we breached the topic of the GE. Not that it surprises me, I bet the chickens in kampungs are clucking about it off and on.

But from that conversation and the many things we conversed about we realized there is a worrying thing. The repercussion of BN loosing will spark unrest. Why? Simply because BN has never felt defeat of such a scale we were talking about. Quickly the both of us realized and agree that what happened in Kampung Medan as well as May 13th.

Quickly we thought what if the same tactics are used this time around. Act of desperation for BN component parties? Naaahhh... it's more of UMNO's tactics really. Lets take a few prominent names of today and compare them with their family history.

May 13th was point blankly a desperate creation of fear by certain quarters to wash their hands off clean and put the blame on others. If my readers are smart enough they know what the Tun Razak legacy is capable of. Najib is next in line after Pak Lah and for BN to loose two thirds would bring disaster to the family's doorstep wouldn't it?

But there are young bloods that are reckless~ Hishamuddin comes from a very strong family too. So what kind of muscle he can pull is a very worrying thought. But history is on his side that his grandfather was not mentioned alongside May 13th. Khairy is definitely the young turk. Many UMNO members hate him for one reason or the other. Owning shares in high rolling businesses might be his fault but we all know he is thirsty.

Walk into The Pavillion and stroll into the TENC "The Emperor's New Clothes" boutique has his name written all over it. Heck even Pak Lah signed the pool table in the middle of the store. But those are pretty much petty things.

So intense are the campaign this time around that every night legions of vehicles decked in various political parties addenda prowl the streets till wee hours of the morning. I heard BN pays a lot to those who are willing to use their personal vehicles so the party can slap on stickers. Wouldn't you want RM4000 paid to you in cash to have a few party stickers slapped on your car?

The spending this time around is beyond comprehension. It is way past ridiculous and I do think that the money should be spent to far more better causes. So will civil unrest be expected if BN looses? I say yes.

Creating fear is so easy, all it takes is to start some tiny riot in some ulu place and the word will spread like wildfire. When people are in fear they go back to those who created it unknowingly. Suckers? Yes....but this time around the public should be smart to not fall into such a trap if it happens. BN or more specifically UMNO should be very aware that creating fear is a devil's tactic.....and the opposition is capitalizing this GE far better than all 50 years combined.


Kawan said...

Eh, I thought it's the opposition parties that try to create fear. Remember Hindraf and BErsih?

Purple Haze said...

I have to agree that if the Opposition wins, there will be trouble caused by the BN people. Because they believe in using the "fear" factor in governing and in running for the GE.