11 March, 2008

Who will be in Pak Lah's All Stars?

He has sworn in as PM. Now who will he pick to put back the crumbled pieces? Well, it is good to know that a few relics will no longer be in the cabinet. However Pak Lah seems to hope that they will be made senators and still appear in parliament.

Shocking? Not really. What is the use of the relics now anyways? Looks to me like Pak Lah is trying his level best to sneak them in for some reason. However what are the key areas that needs desperate changes?

I say start of with The Minister of Higher Education. Why? Because the future starts from there. Higher Education has been everything else but sufficient. Where are our local varsities in the regional rankings? Forget about world rankings. Who looks placing in the 100 and above region? No one. Some one young and has experience in the foreign education systems should be brought in.

Sharizat has left a big void. A young and aspiring Malaysian woman should be given a shot at this one. Someone who fights for woman's rights and has a good sense of social responsibility must be given to ensure Malaysian woman get what they have been deprived of for so long.

Now as for Mr. Samy.....this one a drunk person also can tell you that our road roadworks is prime for a revolution. Town planning is non-existent and thus makes our roads as bad as Samy's scarce hair follicles.

Minister of Health has got to be someone who will not be caught with his pants down. Better still....give it to a woman. It is a well known fact that women are much more faithful than men. Plus we need a person who is so into details that every sense of health care services are covered. Plus we won't get cheated off our insurance money.

Multimedia, Telecommunications and Post....hmmm....our postal service is fine. Telecommunications.....well....not reliable. Still expansive for the speed we are getting and idiots as customer service. Someone strong in hammering down the "keparats" that are stealing the people's money and giving third class service at first class prices.

Hishamuddin should stay where he is or move up. I am pretty happy with what he has done for schools last year. But he should keep that Keris waving thing at his house parties and no where else. Sports and Youth....this one.....is a headache. Azalina should be given a hockey stick to eat. Our sports is in a shameful state. We are failing in almost every front when it comes to sports.

It s about time that Pak Lah listens to the people on who should he take into cabinet. Not that his peers are entirely useless but his last one was a complete mess. Minister of Information was a complete buffoon so to speak. A minister with that kind of performance should be shot twice and be sunk in the deepest Malaysian ocean regions.


Anonymous said...

i like your ideas

mob1900 said...

I have the answer for Pak Lah's All-Stars, check this:



Purple Haze said...

In the past, the women fighting for women's rights have been ... outside the BN coalition as the women insiders are ...slient.

Yes, it will be good to see new faces though I am sure Rafidah will be retained.

Just a thought .. how about Oxford educated Khairy for Education ? Will he be able to bring it down even further ? Or will he apply his smarts to uplift the Malaysian education system ?

I feel that the education system needs a mover and shaker and regardless of what one's political sensibilities, this is one area where you need the best minds and doers ... for Malaysia's sake. Hishamuddin is not the one, that's for sure.