30 April, 2008

The biggest stage for "Cerekarama" is set.

The parliament is back in session. Looks like it was some what like a back to school celebration. Kids having pride in all the new stuff they just got for the new schooling year. Same goes for the MPs in parliament.

For the first time too blogging is done right in the pit of the House. Plenty of MPs got on the blogging bandwagon plus the uncensored airing of the proceedings should make things even more interesting.

SO everything is set.....for the biggest and longest running drama of Malaysian History. The 12th Parliament has the spotlight.

22 April, 2008

Samy does a camera trick.

Is it just a coincidence or a planned plot? I say it is a bit of both. As of which we know Dr. Khir has been dreaming of Pak Lah handing the baton to Najib. At the same time Samy must have a strike of luck to put a bit of shine in his bid to save face within the Indian community thus he took a strike at Dr. Khir saying it is he who should shoulder a bigger blame on the loss of BN in the last elections.

Drama and it get ever better.... It seems that Pak Lah tried to advice Dr. Khir too. But it did not work as now the Temple is gone and it reflects the loss that BN incurred in Selangor. However, can't Samy instead just shut up? Of course he can't now can he? 25 years of experience of running from the issue and he now obviously does it like second nature.

It's how they do....it is just how they do.

Read about it here.

19 April, 2008

Makkal Osai hangs on a thread. Sammy submits a clause.

This post is on two entirely different issues. So one thing is not entirely related to the other. The Tamil newspaper Makkal Osai is hanging on a thread. Which by any standards is some form of abuse on freedom of speech in certain countries where even their prisons rival our 5 star resort hotels here. But what do the powers that be care about it anyway? Look at it this way....they have even oppressed freedom of speech even in the higher education education system. Why is it that surprising that Makkal Osai's permit is not approved for renewal?

I have never read the paper in my life simply because I can't read Tamil. Sometimes I pity myself for not picking up the skill when the majority of my closes friends are indeed Malaysian Indians. But what would the demise of this newspaper mean? It means another point of view becomes a sacrificial lamb for the rest to take note and shut up.

It means this will be one lesser Malaysian Tamil Media for the minority Malaysian Indians to take into account for. Now it means it is either this or that...and that is pretty much it. After all, legislations always fall on the benefit of the perspective of a point of view. I don't think the law is wrong in any way. However the interpretation of it while it was written and passed made all the difference between what is lawfully right or wrong. Need I highlight "Lawfully" and not "Morally".

Sammy however has tripped into what is morally wrong for a BN member. By which after the Hindraf rally it is seen as an act of treason as claimed by a certain elderly male citizen in a coffees shop I was having breakfast late one morning. However Najib does not seem to take defiance to the ruling coalition too well and quickly says that his dear friend Mr. Samy better explain himself.

Now, is Samy telling only half truths? But again as he is now constantly pressured to regain the Malaysian Indians trust he might have just blurted out something just a tad too far. Yes I agree....Malaysian Indians need all the help they can get. Even more so that for a minority race they do contribute a lot to the amount of Doctors serving in the country. Now that is by far is one of the most noble jobs there is in the world. Even my physician when I was still a child is an Indian...so is the doctor who delivered my mother her only son. But exactly how is that help going to ensure that every single sen goes to the right way?

He might have been misinterpreted. Not that it is not common of Samy. In fact he is one of the most entertaining minister this country ever had. Very so often I witness someone just impersonating him for laughs. I guess Samy is not really laughing now is he? What would he do? Think realistic now....exactly what do you think he would do?

17 April, 2008

Pak Lah not rushing, Mukhriz pushing...and everyone is watching.

It's like one of those Hollywood movies. Shareholders pressure their chairman to do it their way or else he will be ousted by a show of votes. But it is very real if one thing leads to another in quick succession. Pak Lah is stead fast in holding the post as president of UMNO while some....well specifically Mukhriz is pushing him to do it sooner. Even Ex-Selangor MB Dr. Khir Toyo wrote about it in his blog and that his opinion stays for Pak Lah start making exit plans pretty soon.

It will be a true test of loyalty for the next UMNO party elections. Those who are loyal to the party versus those who are loyal to their leader. But it is a very blur line isn't it? Under what pretext does one fall into either way? Though choice.

If I were Najib I will be grinning from ear to ear. The years of loyalty might just pay off. Well unless of course Pak Lah is a sore looser like Tun M.... that would be a pain in the ass. But is Mukhriz taking his father's footsteps? Tun M was very outspoken even in his younger days in UMNO. Remember the UMNO Lama vs. UMNO Baru fiasco? Tun M was in the thick of it somewhat and in the end he came out coolly becoming the Prime Minister for 22 years.

Talk about strategy....I think Tun M is the best when it comes to execution. Not really saying that I am a mad fan of his. However, Pak Lah still have a pretty strong following. Well, maybe not in terms of numbers but those who hold key positions throughout the party from tip to toe. I figure that toppling him won't be an easy task. But some might actually thank Anwar too in all this for creating such a hooohaaa on some UMNO members jumping ship. He would obviously welcome them with open arms while greeting "Ahoy~ there matey!"

15 April, 2008

Anwar certainly eyeing for two thirds majority.

Thousands converged at Sultan Sulaiman Club in KL earlier this evening. For the fact that Anwar's 5 year electoral politics ban has just expired it should have been some party if not for the police interrupted the occasion when Anwar started to address the crowd. True enough...opposition supporters are smart enough to take heed the advice by a truly jubilant Anwar to disperse peacefully.

A report carried by NST online stated that he (Anwar) has enough support to topple the government. He also claims to have enough defectors from BN to claim his piece of the pie. But he stopped short by saying he wants a better majority. That s enough to my understanding that he is in fact looking for two thirds majority to run the country.

Careful play with words but his intentions is clear as crystal. So Pak Lah called the elections just a tad earlier than when Anwar's ban expires. Saved by the bell? Perhaps that is what it seems for the time being. But come the next elections and many has already started to count down the days, Anwar will be a major headache to BN and specifically UMNO. Which I bet Anwar is smiling wide in his sleep.

14 April, 2008

Some Malaysians do the darnest things - Rally for the celebration of Anwar

This is I bet for fanatics. I agree to a rally for the cause of the betterment of a society. But, a rally specifically for a politician? Just one politician?? What nonsense is this?

I know Anwar's supporters would love to debate me on this but do face the facts that thus far Anwar has done nothing single handedly to change the country. So what is this rally for? I would rather have a cookout. Have these people all do potluck instead of walking in the middle of the city parading Anwar as a champion of what ever it is he is championing.

Black 14 is the so called cause of this rally or celebration. The police has said that no such application for a permit has been approved. Thus this would make it fairly illegal to carry out and again bloggers are put into the bad light in promoting the event. Such paranoia by the powers that be that it is simply something that caused me to burst into laughter.

I wonder what the next rally is going to celebrate?Perhaps the day that Anwar was given a black eye? Or perhaps the day that the sodomy case against Anwar was dropped? Or better still the day that Anwar was born. I wonder when will his supporters be a bit more mature. To those that are walking the streets for this man named Anwar...do you think Anwar will walk the streets the day you are released from detention or jail because you participated in the rally to celebrate him in the first place? I don't think so.

12 April, 2008

UMNO Arrogant? Tell me something I don't know.

Pause for a minute. What made them loose so much in such a short time? Mat Taib said arrogance. I say ignorance is their blissful sin. Typically UMNO reps are all pro Malay. But does being pro Malay entitle them to go on and on about the greatness of being Malay all the time?

Sincerely a serious and smart UMNO rep knows too well not to pull the racial trip in party speeches. But in the midst of situations where thousands cheer them on they keep getting bolder and bolder.....it's their 15 minute shot to stardom. Vanity is the greatest sin and all politicians are guilty of it.

What are the people thinking about the arrogant speeches, chants and shouts? They wish they can vote them out as easy as what they do on Akademi Fantasia every week. In a few keystrokes and the votes are sent via sms. Before the end of the night you are gone with bags and all.

But that is just wishful thinking. Members of UMNO should always be the toughest critics to their reps. Why should it be the opposition all the time doing it? If you think that your UMNO chief is wrong and so full of shit then just say so that they are indeed no more than shit.

UMNO members need to be more assertive and aggressive, not to the oppositions or detractors but to their own leaders that they have elected. Whip the leaders into shape.... tell them that their English is indeed horrible and is an embarrassment to his or her supporters to be associated to such a leader that lacks a lot of skills.

I don't see why it is wrong, in fact it is a form of quality control. Not only they become reps because of popularity but also because of excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Limit the use of the Malay propaganda to the coffee shop discussions. It is no use on the public stage. What I bet UMNO members want is a more educated and resourceful bunch of reps at grassroot level.

Please, members too also have to play the role of NOT kissing asses of their higher ranking members. That only will lead to further corruption and disunity among fellow members. To start things off...I think Mat Taib needs to go for professional English classes and sit for at least a 1119 SPM English Paper

11 April, 2008

Some want to catch Tun M's slippery tail.

22 years in office. 22 years in power. 22 years of experience. Digest those numbers slowly and you can see why Tun M commands that much media attention and the envy of all power hungry politicians. I can see why many would want to catch iconic man of Malaysia to be guilty of something that he did or might have done. But come on....eels are hard to catch with bare hands.

As much respect that I have for Tun M I do think that anyone who was in the same position would somehow misuse their power to some extent. It can be said that it is only human in this modern world to do so. I bet the temptation is simply too great to ignore.

However the pursuit of the elusive eel continues. Yet, coolly the eels slips away every time. Karpal and Anwar are among the ones making such a hooo haaa of how they were detained without proper cause under the ISA. Both citing that Tun M used his power to quell the ever nearer competition or anything that might compromise his position in office.

Karpal tries to find ways so the police or the ACA would open up a case against Tun M. How likely is that going to succeed? Perhaps a 10% chance? I think halve that. Tun M is not the everyday off the rack Malay. 25 years as PM is no hell of a joke and the credibility is simply too thick for anyone to penetrate. Plus Tun is surely not that stupid to have evidence that would compromise him in any way lying out in the open. He is way too smart for that.

So what else is there to do? I say stop wasting time on Tun M. Instead use that effort to scrutinize the new cabinet and the various new state governments. Prevention is better than cure they say. So before any f@#k ups start to develop let us safeguard what we have currently in our hands. Let Tun M retire in whichever way he wants. I doubt he has that much a time left anyway.

08 April, 2008

Varsity woes.

The time has come once again and Varsities are prepped for a new intake of students in the next couple of months. The news today is filled with the normal varsity mumbo jumbo. But it is a well known fact that none of our varsities are up to scratch in quality. It has long been a debate of denial and it is to go on and on and on.

Why? Why are we subjecting our children to sub-par education standards? Most would say they can't afford to send their kids anywhere else. Sad but true. It is also true that money buys better education. So no matter how stupid a kid may be he or she may be admitted to any private college and somehow get that degree. Of course money can't help you all the way. But it is a major contribution to who can get what and where.

SO called factors why certain courses are favourites? Simple through the test of time it is known that certain jobs are not that effected come an economic crisis or at least the demand does not drop that much. So that explains why Medicine, Engineering, Law and other traditional schools of thought are high on the applications list.

Can't blame on why we have more of a certain type of graduate than the other. It is just the society's understanding and simplicity of logic. Where there is sugar that is where the ants shall go. So if the economy does not place a demand who would want to offer?

It is not only the point of getting qualifications. School leavers have to understand and study the job market. Study one thing today and after completing the course they find there is no such demand after all. Then the idiots are the ones that hold those qualifications.

However apart from that our local varsities are lightyears behind time. Even to get one friggin new subjects approved by LAN takes 3 years. How do you expect our graduates to be at the top of their game when they graduate?

07 April, 2008

Pak Lah on the offence.

What has become the norm of Pak Lah has taken an about turn. Now, he decides to lash out at the criticisms made by Tun M, Ku Li and Anwar. Citing each one's fumbles was in order and from the reports I guess he did prove a point. However, I doubt it won any new hearts.

Simply because a politician talking to a whole bunch of politicians who are already hard to impress is like climbing a steep cliff. In any case I do support Pak Lah's move to take the offensive and for once stood up by answering himself. Good for him.

His seat is hot at the moment. When there is an open intention made by Ku Li to contest against Pak Lah in the November UMNO party elections. However it should be the natural outcome that Ku Li again gets defeated. I have noticed that Ku Li only appears UMNO is on the deficit. Other than that the media would not pay any attention to him.

Tun M has always been the most sour of the lot. The grumbling old man should just grumble.....very quietly at home drinking tea over the morning paper. But this is the battle between old men if not mature men. SO why should any of us bother?

Well lets looks at the bleak future if there are no challenges apart from the ever silent and patient Najib. There is no one else that could possibly challenge the party presidency and thus take the post of PM in one swoop. There is Muhyiddin and the ever fumbling Mat Taib. The latter will be a major horror to the Nation.

But seriously who else has anymore influence? I won't want Ku Li or Mat Taib to be president of UMNO. One is old and the other can't speak English let alone wear the badge to head a government. The pool of hope is probably a bit too young.....Hishamuddin, Khairy and Mukhriz to name the brightest of young politicians in the crop. I say brightest not the best choice for PM.

However that maybe...Pak Lah has already indicated the loyal Najib will succeed him to be PM. Looks like our future might already loose a few more light bulbs.

04 April, 2008

Khir Toyo for UMNO Youth head? Aperda~

Good grief~! What on earth does these politicians have growing in their head? I doubt it must be brains....should be plain buns to the most. Khir wants to contest for the UMNO Youth Chief post. Ackkk....*choking.

Junior blogger Khir must be thinking very different. Loosing the State to the opposition has perhaps made him loose some marbles or probably there are some of his loyal supporters who poke him to believe that he can in fact take over the youth of UMNO. He has lost the support and confidence of the people...thats it full stop. The pain is indeed bitter but he has to face it. He did try to get more support by doing some last minute changes in the state government. But I say "dah terhantuk baru nak sedar"....it's all a bit too late Khir. You have to work your way up from scratch again.

Seriously, what can the dentist do? I say Mukhriz is a far better safer bet. Try not to associate the chap to his father but instead evaluate him as a man himself. He is not afraid to speak up to the old farts and state his views. That is a must for a youth leader. I just hope the dumb keris is left to collect dust in some expensive UMNO display cabinet.

Lets take the whole perspective....Sigh~

Understanding. This word is what every socio-political blogger has to understand. I admit that I am at fault too for speculating on issues in the past that somewhat may be wrong or unjust to do. However, I assure you that my intentions are clear and concise...that is to give an honest opinion as a concerned rakyat and as a devoted Malaysian.

Last couple of days I have not been writing. Reason being that I was observing the many pundits and the kinds of reports that gets printed in the daily press. On one issue I have to agree that AUKU should be reviewed. Having such laws does in a way prohibits undergraduates proactive role in nation building. Besides, how else is it going to be done if not by free speech and free will to act as a proactive movement such as clubs and campus societies? The review should above all else ensure that undergraduates play a more prominent role in developing a politically mature nation.

Should Pak Lah step down as PM? Well, just like Mat Taib says let the game progress to it's later stages. As far as I can see it the new game has just begun. Elections are just over and done with so just give it some time to sink in and see if the new crop of representatives and ministers are up to it. I say give them a year or two. If by any means there is a formal vote of no confidence it should be known during the UMNO party elections later this year.

Obviously the pressure is mounting ever higher for Pak Lah and his band of cohorts. But a good half of the cabinet now are new faces. At least give these people a chance. Once it is proven that the votes of the UMNO party elections are swinging the other way and Pak Lah looses ground then it is a good clear indication that he should logically know what to do.

Of course the traditionalist and the old will go for the proven combo. But we can't change the whole country overnight. At least not in this incarnation. The last elections have achieved its purpose and the people have chosen that it should be the same ruling party but with a lesser majority. So let us all be a bit more patient to allow our decisions cultivate and spring the change that we all hope for. If that does not bear fruit then we all know what we should do.

For Tun M, well he must have one hell of a grudge. But if he is a real gentleman he should gracefully retire entirely. I see him in the news these days as often as I see obituaries in the papers. For a man who has brought so much development to the country he is no doubt the best we have ever had. I know, I know some would say he was all this and all that in the bad sense but come on....he did not pull us straight into chaos. But Tun M should be a merry old man and enjoy the rest of his living daylights. In other words....just "Chill".

As for the other states that are enjoying a new state government the people have to keep a good eye on those that they have chosen. Utilize their rights to the fullest and give their MPs a good political time. If it is true that the opposition is the "People's Party" then the people should hustle them hard so at least their tax money will go to good use for sure.

Finally, for that child Math prodigy. Come on... if she wants to be a hooker so be it. What can the government do? Why waste the resources on someone who first is not in the country to begin with. Second, just because she is a prodigy does not mean she is that much of an importance to the whole country...every citizen is just as important. So instead of helping one why not reach out to the rest of the kids to take her situation as a good example. Great brains comes with a greater amount of responsibility. Plus book smart is not everything in the world.