15 April, 2008

Anwar certainly eyeing for two thirds majority.

Thousands converged at Sultan Sulaiman Club in KL earlier this evening. For the fact that Anwar's 5 year electoral politics ban has just expired it should have been some party if not for the police interrupted the occasion when Anwar started to address the crowd. True enough...opposition supporters are smart enough to take heed the advice by a truly jubilant Anwar to disperse peacefully.

A report carried by NST online stated that he (Anwar) has enough support to topple the government. He also claims to have enough defectors from BN to claim his piece of the pie. But he stopped short by saying he wants a better majority. That s enough to my understanding that he is in fact looking for two thirds majority to run the country.

Careful play with words but his intentions is clear as crystal. So Pak Lah called the elections just a tad earlier than when Anwar's ban expires. Saved by the bell? Perhaps that is what it seems for the time being. But come the next elections and many has already started to count down the days, Anwar will be a major headache to BN and specifically UMNO. Which I bet Anwar is smiling wide in his sleep.

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