04 April, 2008

Khir Toyo for UMNO Youth head? Aperda~

Good grief~! What on earth does these politicians have growing in their head? I doubt it must be brains....should be plain buns to the most. Khir wants to contest for the UMNO Youth Chief post. Ackkk....*choking.

Junior blogger Khir must be thinking very different. Loosing the State to the opposition has perhaps made him loose some marbles or probably there are some of his loyal supporters who poke him to believe that he can in fact take over the youth of UMNO. He has lost the support and confidence of the people...thats it full stop. The pain is indeed bitter but he has to face it. He did try to get more support by doing some last minute changes in the state government. But I say "dah terhantuk baru nak sedar"....it's all a bit too late Khir. You have to work your way up from scratch again.

Seriously, what can the dentist do? I say Mukhriz is a far better safer bet. Try not to associate the chap to his father but instead evaluate him as a man himself. He is not afraid to speak up to the old farts and state his views. That is a must for a youth leader. I just hope the dumb keris is left to collect dust in some expensive UMNO display cabinet.

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Martin said...

Good Job! :)