19 April, 2008

Makkal Osai hangs on a thread. Sammy submits a clause.

This post is on two entirely different issues. So one thing is not entirely related to the other. The Tamil newspaper Makkal Osai is hanging on a thread. Which by any standards is some form of abuse on freedom of speech in certain countries where even their prisons rival our 5 star resort hotels here. But what do the powers that be care about it anyway? Look at it this way....they have even oppressed freedom of speech even in the higher education education system. Why is it that surprising that Makkal Osai's permit is not approved for renewal?

I have never read the paper in my life simply because I can't read Tamil. Sometimes I pity myself for not picking up the skill when the majority of my closes friends are indeed Malaysian Indians. But what would the demise of this newspaper mean? It means another point of view becomes a sacrificial lamb for the rest to take note and shut up.

It means this will be one lesser Malaysian Tamil Media for the minority Malaysian Indians to take into account for. Now it means it is either this or that...and that is pretty much it. After all, legislations always fall on the benefit of the perspective of a point of view. I don't think the law is wrong in any way. However the interpretation of it while it was written and passed made all the difference between what is lawfully right or wrong. Need I highlight "Lawfully" and not "Morally".

Sammy however has tripped into what is morally wrong for a BN member. By which after the Hindraf rally it is seen as an act of treason as claimed by a certain elderly male citizen in a coffees shop I was having breakfast late one morning. However Najib does not seem to take defiance to the ruling coalition too well and quickly says that his dear friend Mr. Samy better explain himself.

Now, is Samy telling only half truths? But again as he is now constantly pressured to regain the Malaysian Indians trust he might have just blurted out something just a tad too far. Yes I agree....Malaysian Indians need all the help they can get. Even more so that for a minority race they do contribute a lot to the amount of Doctors serving in the country. Now that is by far is one of the most noble jobs there is in the world. Even my physician when I was still a child is an Indian...so is the doctor who delivered my mother her only son. But exactly how is that help going to ensure that every single sen goes to the right way?

He might have been misinterpreted. Not that it is not common of Samy. In fact he is one of the most entertaining minister this country ever had. Very so often I witness someone just impersonating him for laughs. I guess Samy is not really laughing now is he? What would he do? Think realistic now....exactly what do you think he would do?

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