17 April, 2008

Pak Lah not rushing, Mukhriz pushing...and everyone is watching.

It's like one of those Hollywood movies. Shareholders pressure their chairman to do it their way or else he will be ousted by a show of votes. But it is very real if one thing leads to another in quick succession. Pak Lah is stead fast in holding the post as president of UMNO while some....well specifically Mukhriz is pushing him to do it sooner. Even Ex-Selangor MB Dr. Khir Toyo wrote about it in his blog and that his opinion stays for Pak Lah start making exit plans pretty soon.

It will be a true test of loyalty for the next UMNO party elections. Those who are loyal to the party versus those who are loyal to their leader. But it is a very blur line isn't it? Under what pretext does one fall into either way? Though choice.

If I were Najib I will be grinning from ear to ear. The years of loyalty might just pay off. Well unless of course Pak Lah is a sore looser like Tun M.... that would be a pain in the ass. But is Mukhriz taking his father's footsteps? Tun M was very outspoken even in his younger days in UMNO. Remember the UMNO Lama vs. UMNO Baru fiasco? Tun M was in the thick of it somewhat and in the end he came out coolly becoming the Prime Minister for 22 years.

Talk about strategy....I think Tun M is the best when it comes to execution. Not really saying that I am a mad fan of his. However, Pak Lah still have a pretty strong following. Well, maybe not in terms of numbers but those who hold key positions throughout the party from tip to toe. I figure that toppling him won't be an easy task. But some might actually thank Anwar too in all this for creating such a hooohaaa on some UMNO members jumping ship. He would obviously welcome them with open arms while greeting "Ahoy~ there matey!"

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