07 April, 2008

Pak Lah on the offence.

What has become the norm of Pak Lah has taken an about turn. Now, he decides to lash out at the criticisms made by Tun M, Ku Li and Anwar. Citing each one's fumbles was in order and from the reports I guess he did prove a point. However, I doubt it won any new hearts.

Simply because a politician talking to a whole bunch of politicians who are already hard to impress is like climbing a steep cliff. In any case I do support Pak Lah's move to take the offensive and for once stood up by answering himself. Good for him.

His seat is hot at the moment. When there is an open intention made by Ku Li to contest against Pak Lah in the November UMNO party elections. However it should be the natural outcome that Ku Li again gets defeated. I have noticed that Ku Li only appears UMNO is on the deficit. Other than that the media would not pay any attention to him.

Tun M has always been the most sour of the lot. The grumbling old man should just grumble.....very quietly at home drinking tea over the morning paper. But this is the battle between old men if not mature men. SO why should any of us bother?

Well lets looks at the bleak future if there are no challenges apart from the ever silent and patient Najib. There is no one else that could possibly challenge the party presidency and thus take the post of PM in one swoop. There is Muhyiddin and the ever fumbling Mat Taib. The latter will be a major horror to the Nation.

But seriously who else has anymore influence? I won't want Ku Li or Mat Taib to be president of UMNO. One is old and the other can't speak English let alone wear the badge to head a government. The pool of hope is probably a bit too young.....Hishamuddin, Khairy and Mukhriz to name the brightest of young politicians in the crop. I say brightest not the best choice for PM.

However that maybe...Pak Lah has already indicated the loyal Najib will succeed him to be PM. Looks like our future might already loose a few more light bulbs.

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