22 April, 2008

Samy does a camera trick.

Is it just a coincidence or a planned plot? I say it is a bit of both. As of which we know Dr. Khir has been dreaming of Pak Lah handing the baton to Najib. At the same time Samy must have a strike of luck to put a bit of shine in his bid to save face within the Indian community thus he took a strike at Dr. Khir saying it is he who should shoulder a bigger blame on the loss of BN in the last elections.

Drama and it get ever better.... It seems that Pak Lah tried to advice Dr. Khir too. But it did not work as now the Temple is gone and it reflects the loss that BN incurred in Selangor. However, can't Samy instead just shut up? Of course he can't now can he? 25 years of experience of running from the issue and he now obviously does it like second nature.

It's how they do....it is just how they do.

Read about it here.

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novice101 said...

Samy Vellu was not the only one who had to kow-tow, played second fiddle to the PM, the UMNO cabinet ministers but also to the Mentris Besar and the Chief MInisters. This is pitiful! Why did the leaders of MCA, Gerakan and PPP accepted this demeaning situation for so long.

How can they still want to be a part of the BN! If the still prefer to be in the BN then, they should become independent candidates. They shouldn't say they represent the Chinese and the Indians anymore. The Chinese and the Indians do not wish to be anybody's doormats!