11 April, 2008

Some want to catch Tun M's slippery tail.

22 years in office. 22 years in power. 22 years of experience. Digest those numbers slowly and you can see why Tun M commands that much media attention and the envy of all power hungry politicians. I can see why many would want to catch iconic man of Malaysia to be guilty of something that he did or might have done. But come on....eels are hard to catch with bare hands.

As much respect that I have for Tun M I do think that anyone who was in the same position would somehow misuse their power to some extent. It can be said that it is only human in this modern world to do so. I bet the temptation is simply too great to ignore.

However the pursuit of the elusive eel continues. Yet, coolly the eels slips away every time. Karpal and Anwar are among the ones making such a hooo haaa of how they were detained without proper cause under the ISA. Both citing that Tun M used his power to quell the ever nearer competition or anything that might compromise his position in office.

Karpal tries to find ways so the police or the ACA would open up a case against Tun M. How likely is that going to succeed? Perhaps a 10% chance? I think halve that. Tun M is not the everyday off the rack Malay. 25 years as PM is no hell of a joke and the credibility is simply too thick for anyone to penetrate. Plus Tun is surely not that stupid to have evidence that would compromise him in any way lying out in the open. He is way too smart for that.

So what else is there to do? I say stop wasting time on Tun M. Instead use that effort to scrutinize the new cabinet and the various new state governments. Prevention is better than cure they say. So before any f@#k ups start to develop let us safeguard what we have currently in our hands. Let Tun M retire in whichever way he wants. I doubt he has that much a time left anyway.


Anonymous said...

On Tun M,

Sun Tzu said:

Those whom the ancient ones called
skilled in conflict are never praised.
They win because they have the
confidence and ability to win.


jebatmustdie said...


it's 22 years lah.. not 25.